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  • im using the quicktime movie embedding plugin found here
    i produced a 1 minute movie with imovie. its uploaded to wp as an mov
    I can play it off my site on several different browsers on my own laptop, but on any other computer its just a white screen after the quicktime ‘Q’ shows for a few seconds. im sure i just am new at this and maybe the file isnt where it needs to be?
    before i downloaded the plugin, i was just iuploading the mov file to my blog post like a photo. WP would have a text link, which went to a single blog post page with the same text link, which then could be clicked, and the movie would play in a large quicktime wiindow–but again only on my computer. for others they would get the full quicktime window, and a controller at the bottom, but nothing would load or play.

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  • we need link to your site.

    This is what I use…

    You’ll need to adjust the height and width or maybe pass it in.

    Of course put in links to your own blog.

    You’ll need to download from my site or just create one yourself. It is just a zero byte file.
    You can rightclick save as from this link if you want. Then put the file in your webroot.

    Yes, this all looks redundant and src DOESN’T point to the file you want to play, but QTSRC does. This is the way you need to do it to get the embedded source to work in all of the main browsers including IE, Firefox and Safari.

              <?php $mov=addslashes($_GET[‘mov’]);$title=addslashes($_GET[‘title’]);?>
              <OBJECT CODEBASE=”” CLASSID=”clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B” width=”240″ height=”196″>
                <PARAM name=”SRC” value=”” />
                <PARAM name=”QTSRC” value=”<?php echo $mov; ?>”/ >
                <PARAM name=”CONTROLLER” value=”true” />
                <PARAM name=”scale” value=”Aspect” />
                <PARAM name=”AUTOPLAY” value=”true” />
                <PARAM name=”border” value=”0″ />
                <PARAM name=”target” value=”webbrowser” />
                <PARAM name=”href” />
                <EMBED height=”196″ autoplay=”true” target=”webbrowser” bgcolor=”#000000″ controller=”true” scale=”Aspect” pluginspage=”” width=”240″ border=”0″ src=”viewer/” QTSRC=”<?php echo $mov ?>” >

    This is an example of how I use this code:

    Just click on the image to play the video…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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