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  • Hey guys, I’ve looked around but haven’t found much.

    My issue is that I’m not receiving any notifications from woocommerce to let me know an item has been purchased.

    Also I have to manual change the orders from pending to complete and so on, and at the same time while all of this is going on I am not being notified that customers are paying and I am not getting any payments to my paypal account. I’ve checked all my options and everything is correct.

    Any ideas?

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  • Kind of sounds like no one is buying anything? If you get no payment to your paypal account then why should you get notified of a sale?

    I’m no expert, just starting with woocommerce, but whenever I have an abandoned shopping cart I end up with a pending order. Payment triggers it to go to processing and then I get an email notification. I’m using paypal standard.

    Hope this helps a bit?

    Hi I’m having the same problem with woo commerce. I did a trial purchase myself and I didn’t receive a notification that I’d paid and no payment went through to my paypal account.

    Any body know how to solve this?

    i have a similar issue now and then

    i receive payment but no notice, it is about 1% of the time.

    Roy Ho


    The only time I see this happening is when IPN is failing. This happened a week or two ago and was corrected by Paypal. But since then I had 1 or 2 episodes of it failing again.

    The usual symptom on my side is I get the payment on Paypal side but the order is flag not complete and no emails would send out. This would suggest that the IPN was not able to postback the results thus failing.

    I’ve been dealing with this exact same problem since I turned on Woocommerce after switching from Ecwid.

    Using the SMTP plugin, I’m now getting notifcations from PayPal now for payment though, I wasn’t before.

    All of the orders placed wind up in ‘pending-2’ and I can’t figure out why.

    This issue bothers me.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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