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    Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious, but I can’t sort this. This plugin stopped working when I upgraded to the latest version. When I noticed the settings had changed, I went through and checked the appropriate box on the profiles of the users who should get notifications. It still didn’t work. Today, I tried adding email addresses to the “additional emails” field plus I disabled my only other comment-related plugin “Subscribe to Comments” but it STILL isn’t sending any notifications.

    I’ve also tried checking different roles in the settings to receive notifications and checking and unchecking the standard WP boxes for sending notifications to the admin email.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    What other Plugins do you have active?

    Did the test comments go into moderation, or were they approved?

    The sidebar indicates that you are using WordPress version 2.8.5. Is that correct?

    Hey Chip,

    The test comments went into moderation.

    This site is using WordPress v3.5 and Thesis 1.8.

    The site has been around for almost 6 years now and is past due for a plugin purge. Current plugins are Akismet, Broken Link Checker, cbnet Multi Author Comment Notification, Clicky for WordPress, Contact Form 7, eShop for WordPress, Exec-PHP, FeedBurner FeedSmith, Google XML Sitemaps, Lightbox 2, List category posts, Restrict Categories, Role Manager, Subscribe To Comments, Thumbnail For Excerpts, WP Security Scan and Yoast Breadcrumbs.


    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    The test comments went into moderation.

    This is the issue, and it is by design.

    WordPress has two different functions for sending notification emails: one for moderated comments requiring approval, and one for new comments. Because of a (logical, IMHO) WordPress core change a few versions ago, WordPress no longer sends new comment emails to post authors who first received a moderated-comment approval email for a given comment.

    To test to ensure that the Plugin is working properly, post a comment from an already-approved commenter, and verify that you receive the comment-notification (as opposed to moderation) email for the post author and for any other users configured via the Plugin.

    I’ve considered adding comment-moderation emails as a user-configurable option for the Plugin, but doing so would require defining a second pluggable function, and would increase the likelihood that the Plugin would get overridden by other Plugins.

    I haven’t had all my coffee yet today, so I’m not sure I’m completely understanding you, but I THINK you’re telling me the plugin can’t do what I need (although I’m almost certain it was working before).

    For this particular site, EVERY comment goes into moderation, regardless of whether the commenter has ever had an approved comment. I need a notification email to go to two people (neither of which wrote the post, usually) for every comment.

    No can do?

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    Sorry, I probably didn’t explain that well enough.

    WordPress has two comment-email related functions.

    The first one, wp_notify_postauthor(), emails a post author whenever a new comment is posted to one of the author’s posts.

    The second one, wp_notify_moderator(), emails the site admin and all users with the edit_comment capability whenever a new comment has been submitted, but has been held in moderation and thus requires approval.

    If WordPress sends a wp_notify_moderator() email for a given comment, it will not send a wp_notify_postauthor() email for that same comment.

    Both of these functions are pluggable, which means that core has defined them as being able to be completely overwritten by Plugins.

    The way my Plugin works is by overwriting the core-defined wp_notify_postauthor() function. The only change I make to the core function is that instead of sending the email only to the post author, I define an array of email addresses (based on user configuration of the Plugin options) to which to send the email.

    The problem with pluggable functions is that any Plugin can override the core function, and the first one to do so “wins”, so to speak. So if you have two Plugins that both try to override a pluggable core function, only one Plugin will actually be able to do so.

    So, the more pluggable functions a Plugin defines, the more likely it is that another Plugin will be trying to override that same pluggable function.

    The way the Plugin worked previously – and the reason that it worked in your case – was that it completely circumvented the core email functionality, and implemented its own. That wasn’t a very good implementation, and certainly not best practice. The current implementation is much better practice, because it plays more nicely with core and with other Plugins.

    Long-term, it would be better not to have to override the entire function just to send the email to multiple email addresses. To that end, I’ve submitted a core patch to change the core wp_notify_postauthor() function, to add a filter that would allow Plugins to add mail-to addresses without overwriting the entire function.

    I’m waiting for core-dev input on the ticket. If it gets blessed, then I’ll submit a similar patch for wp_notify_moderator(). And if that one gets approved, then I plan to add a setting to the Plugin, to send emails both for wp_notify_postauthor() and for wp_notify_moderator().

    Let me think about implementing it anyway. If you need that particular functionality, others may need it as well.

    NOW I understand what you’re saying about how it works and also why it worked before, but doesn’t now. 🙂 Thanks for the more details explanation.

    If it helps, I’ll explain why we do what we do. The site is for a non-profit organization that communicates a lot through blog posts. We have several volunteers who write posts (one of whom is also a site admin), but authors do not respond to comments. We have a completely different volunteer whose responsibility it is to approve and respond to comments on all the posts. The site super admin also writes posts and approves/responds to comments occasionally.

    Ideally, the volunteer assigned to respond to comments and the super admin would each get an email every time a comment comes in. As a work around, I can change the site admin address to an address that I can forward to the two people who need comment notification, but I’d love to have the plugin back (more flexible) if it can fill our needs in the future.


    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    By the way, I’ve added this feature to the development version. As soon as I finish quality-testing it, I’ll push out a new version.

    Great! Thank you.

    Hi Chip.

    We need the same functionality as nycgadgetgirl.

    Would love to know when the feature will be ready to send a notification email when a comment has been made for moderation.


    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    I have added to version 2.2 the option to send comment moderation emails to multiple addresses. I’ve just pushed version 2.2 to SVN, so you should get an update notification shortly.

    Thanks, both of you, for using the Plugin!

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