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  • Notifications are working perfectly for user login, page updated, and CPT published.

    However, no notifications are being triggered for CPT added or CPT saved as draft.

    (I updated to Version 6.0.4.)

    I created the custom post type with Pods and assigned a custom user capability, so it shows up correctly in the list of triggers and merge tags.

    I enabled error logging, tested again, and saw no errors. I checked my Post SMTP log, and the other triggers are all sending emails, but not the CPT added or saved.

    What else should I do?

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  • Plugin Author Kuba Mikita


    Hi Jay,

    it’s the incompatibility with Pods apparently.

    Would changing the trigger to CPT published be a solution in your case?

    Jay, are you using normal WP dashboard editors for adding and editing the content? Or are you using shortcode forms / using the frontend of the site?

    If you are using the normal post editor / Gutenberg Editor then compatibility with Pods should be 100%, if you are using our public forms then you may need to change the default status of the post type in your Pods Admin > Edit Pods > Edit > Advanced settings to set it to Published since we default those new posts to Draft for security reasons.

    Good questions.

    We’re using a Pods form via shortcode for submissions of job listings:

    [pods name="job" form="1" fields="post_title,job_org_name,job_post_date,job_expires_date,job_submittor_name,job_submittor_email,job_submittor_phone,job_apply_link,job_apply_email,job_description"]

    We want each submission to be added in draft mode, so we can notify one of our staff editors to check for quality before publishing. That is why changing to Published won’t work.

    The Notifications plugin includes the triggers “CPT Added” and “CPT Saved As Draft”, but neither are getting triggered. I also checked this with the Better Notifications plugin with the same result.

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    I haven’t had time to check what hooks this plugin uses to hook into for the notification itself. Is it possible it only hooks in when is_admin() (only in the dashboard area)

    I will check with the developer.

    Plugin Author Kuba Mikita


    Nope, our plugin uses wp_insert_post and it’s registered on both sides, see here

    Probably the problem is that Pods saves the post very early, before we even register the Trigger. We do this on init 1000 hook.

    Our code runs the saving via AJAX calls (we’re migrating to REST API calls in the future), which runs on the action wp_ajax_pods_admin.

    That runs after init and admin_init in those cases.

    We ultimately call wp_insert_post() for inserting posts and wp_update_post() for updating posts before we save our custom fields (if any).


    Since I’m not a developer, I am not sure if this thread has concluded that both plugins are behaving correctly and there’s a problem elsewhere, or if a change needs to be made.

    Just to be helpful, on our staging site, we deactivated all plugins except Pods, Notification, and PostSMTP, and changed to the Twenty-Nineteen theme and received successful notifications for …

    • CPT Updated
    • CPT Published

    … but no notifications for ..

    • CPT Added
    • CPT Saved as a Draft

    If there is a different place to report this issue, or if you have recommendations for developers who can track down the issue, thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Hi, all-

    After extensive testing, I can confirm that all notifications work correctly except for posts submitted via the Pods front-end submission form shortcode. Our version is at This is the shortcode we’re using:

    [pods name="job" form="1" fields="post_title,job_org_name,job_post_date,job_expires_date,job_submittor_name,job_submittor_email,job_submittor_phone,job_apply_link,job_apply_email,job_description"]

    Posts submitted through the back-end trigger correctly, but neither “CPT Added” nor “CPT Saved as Draft” are triggered upon form submission.

    I’ll post this over on

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