• Was never able to receive email notifications, and yes, I did go into the settings to add an email address. I also checked that it wasn’t in the spam folder. I was able to view submissions in the Admin Section but that’s not helpful if the email is being sent to other people.

    No documentation to fix this problem.

    Will search on for a contact form that works.

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    There are 10k plus users who are receiving email notifications, And if you only had enough seconds to read the support request regarding notifications you’d have known how to receive notifications.

    Wow, what a helpful, friendly response from the devs!

    If you do something wrong in the email notification settings, the plugin won’t tell you, it’ll just fail quietly and sit there doing nothing. No error messages, no validation on the form fields to tell you which thing you need to fix. And then when you express your frustration, the devs don’t bother to answer, they just tell you you’re dumb and lazy.

    There are many forum threads on this very issue, which is apparently quite common but the devs don’t address this in the documentation (or fix the actual issue). Instead, they take the time to insult and belittle their users. Considering their bad UI and lousy documentation, they should think about being a little nicer to the people who are confused by it.

    Plugin Author Umar Bajwa


    Hi @dotlizard,

    The issue from plugin end is fixed in version 1.6, I am really sorry if you couldn’t find the appropriate answer to your query.
    But if you still are unable to receive the notifications please install Postman SMTP plugin and test the outgoing emails. Sometimes the issue is with server settings.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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