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  • My client only uses the direct transfer method of payment. This means that payment does not happen immediately when the order is placed. WooCommerce seems to be designed in such a way that both the “Thank you for new order” email to client and the “New Order Received” email to the site owner ONLY gets sent if payment has happened e.g. when using Paypal / credit card etc. – as this causes the ‘status’ to be ‘Processing’ – whereas the BACS method results in a status of ‘on-hold’ when order first put thru. So basically – the site owner is not notified by email that the order has happened – he has to log in to the order admin to see the order – which pretty much defeats the purpose of the ‘New Order Received’ email.

    Basically the process my client wants to follow is:

    1. Customer places order – with Direct Transfer Payment ticked: Customer immediately receives “Thank you for order’ email & Admin receives “New Order Received” email notification (SURELY this should be standard??)

    2. Admin goes into order admin & updates shipping cost & calculates total.

    3. Admin sends ‘Customer Invoice’ email with bank details – using facility on top right of order admin page (this works fine).

    4. Change status from ‘On-hold’ to ‘Pending’.

    5. When payment received – he could change status to ‘Processing’ (but we don’t really want any emails to get sent out at this stage).

    6. When parcel dispatched – change status to ‘Completed’

    SO there are 2 major problems:

    · There does not seem to be a differentiation between a NEW order and a PROCESSING order when it comes to the email to customer and site owner triggers

    · The NEW ORDER email trigger to the administrator does not happen if the status does not go to ‘processing’ as soon as the order is placed.

    Does anyone know of any code changes / trigger manipulation I could try to get this working? I assume it would be somewhere in the woocommerce/classes/email directory. I know it is not great to change the live files but I would be careful to carry changes across when updating until a fix for this is made.

    Thank you & sorry for LONG post!

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Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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