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  • Hi Developer

    I tried to send you an email through your contact page – it does not accept any emails.

    Why did you change the reCaptcha to v3 which has NO icon and works in the background (which no one knows how)?
    When I saw that when had to get new site and security key – that there was NOTHING on my page showing reCaptcha – I did NOT like that. I want to have the icon I’m not a robot check.
    Why did you arbitrarily change the version? Most people don’t like v3 which is invisible.

    I actually restored your plugiun from backup to get the previous version back that can use my API key with the icon. (reCaptcha v2).

    My question is – could you give the users an option of the version of reCaptcha they want to have on your Contact Form? If not, I won’t be updating your plugin anymore, i’m sorry. I don’t like and don’t want to have an invisible Recaptcha. This is the third party integration, and we should really be able to choose the version and the look…

    if anyone else is not happy with this weird v3 reCaptcha – all you need to do is to restore the plugin file from your site backup and re-enter the site and secret keys for v.2 as I did.

    Back to normal.

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  • yes, same for me, can you give us an option to use v2 reCaptcha with the latest cf7 releases

    Ja hetzelfde probleem geldt ook voor mij, zou graag de v2 recaptha terug willen hebben bij de nieuweste cf7 relases.

    sorry….I don’t speak your language (German?)
    could you please translate into English?

    Hi, I also vote to get the old version back.

    Since installing Recaptcha v3 yesterday I already have been receiving spam.

    Please give us the option to chose which version we want to use!

    Kind regards,


    Yes, I absolutely agree. Changing the reCaptcha version to v3 whithout the option to stick with v2 is not ok. Not everyone likes the changes Google did to reCaptcha!

    I am also not interested in only having v3. I need v2 back!

    I can’t have that ugly badge following every page on my site. It is also ubscured by my chat widget, and that is against Googles TOS.

    We want the old version back!

    I totally agree, please let the site admin decide to choose v2 or v3, I don’t want the badge on every page.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hello and please, if you are so kind, restore to V2 version and please let the site admin decide to choose v2 or v3. I am already receiving a lot of spam messages. Thank you in advance.

    well…it looks like I started a revolution! LOL



    The v2 reCaptcha works just fine after I restored the earlier version of the plugin from backup and got the v2 google keys.

    please see for yourself:

    Yikes! Yes, please update to allow Captcha V2. I dumped the last contact form for this very same issue. V3 does NOT work and I will not have a Goo§ole Pop-up on EVERY page!



    I wondered by all my sites were bombarded with spam today. Why remove functionality that’s supported by Google? I could understand if it was EOL but it’s no where near it. Had to roll back a version until this is changed or I will need to swap to a different plugin.

    I recommend removing the current version and uploading the old version OR if you have a backup restore it.
    Version 5.0.5

    Thanks @anantajitjg for the the link to CF7 V5.05.

    Hopefully the developer will provide an update with the option to choose either V2 or V3 ReCaptcha.

    I completely agree. I don’t understand your choice to force the use of reCapcha V.3!
    Fortunately I always make a backup before updating, so I could go back to the old CF7 version! And luckily I realized the problem with the update of the first website and not after update all the others!!!
    You should leave the choice of using V.2 or V.3 to the site admin. If you do not implement this choice, I will be forced to use another plugin for my clients websites!
    Very disappointed! And I’m not the only one!!!

    Edit: Thank you @anantajitjg to the link to the old verion, it will be very usuful.

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