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  • D/L the latest build. Followed the instructions…..perfect setup. I’m off and running.
    The first thing I should do is change my password. This from the install instructions: “The install script should then send you to the login page. Sign in with the username “admin” and the password generated during the installation. Then click on the item ‘My Profile’, and change the password. “
    I don’t see the “my profile”.
    I’ve changed browsers, and tried to log in and out countless times, but no luck.
    I figure it’s the development build, so I delete the database, all the WordPress files, and start over with ver. 1.02 blakey from the SourceForge site.
    Same thing. No “My Profile”
    The next thing I want to change is the default links.
    I searched on the forum to find the answer, and it’s already been asked.
    I follow the directions, but the “General” options and the link options show nothing about changing alex matt dougal and mike.
    I’ve been at this for 6 hours now. Please help if you can. I’m really stuck.
    A link to a screenshot might be in order, since I swear there’s no “My Profile” link or button anywhere.

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  • The page /wp-admin/post.php should have the My Profile button on the topmost menu, third from last, when you are logged in as admin.
    Find the “link manager” button in options, and there you can edit or delete links.

    Thank you for the response, but I still don’t see any buttons on that screen.
    Here’s what I see:
    I discovered that I can edit links at wp-admin/link-manager.php
    but is that the way everyone changes links?

    Still stuck.
    Can anyone show me what their wp-admin/post.php buttons look like, or post the code for the post.php page?
    There has been some upside to this. I’m slowly learning php from having to take apart all the wordpress files to find things.
    Thanks again for any help you can offer.

    This is amazing!! I can’t for the life of me imagine why your admin menu should be any different from those of the rest of us!
    Check to see if you have a non-empty menu.txt file in the wp-admin folder. That could be it.
    I have the latest build running at you can login using “admin” and “password” to see what the admin menu actually looks like.

    Wonderful. The blank menu.txt was the solution.
    However, I double checked to see the difference between what I ftp’d to the server vs. the downloaded wordpress files.
    Here’s the text from menu.txt in the zipped version of
    1 post.php Post
    1 edit.php Edit
    3 categories.php Categories
    5 link-manager.php Links
    3 users.php Users
    4 options.php Options
    4 templates.php Templates
    (Everything after the ‘***’ is a comment.)
    To add sections to the menu, use this syntax:
    the minimum level the user needs to access the section: between 0 and 10
    +the URL of the section’s file
    +the title of this section
    Still no “my profile” , so I stole the menu.txt from the latest build. Whew. Problem fixed.
    Thanks a million for your help.
    So far, I’m having a great time with wordpress, and look forward to my time in the blogosphere using wordpress.
    Looks like a great product.
    I’ll be sure to return the favor here in the support forums and give someone else a helping hand sometime.
    Thanks again.




    If you now at least have the “full” menu, click “Users” then click on the profile for the user (admin in this case) you want to modify.

    Cool. Welcome to the community 🙂

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