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[Resolved] No more updates?

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  • Plugin Author mlazarov


    Hi, I’m trying to keep it simple and aways working.

    Do you need some feature missing in current version?



    I think no… I just read that Hyper cache will be merged with live cache, because of better caching and better performance… there were some updates

    Plugin Author mlazarov


    Hyper cache extended will never be merged with live cache.

    “Hyper Cache” and “Hyper Cache Extended” have different life directions also diffrent support and internal mission.

    A way to expire individual pages/posts would be wonderful. Right now on 3.9.1 the “only modified posts” invalidation setting doesn’t seem to work.

    I have a site with thousands of posts that gets a lot of traffic, and a few that are updated multiple times a day, so to refresh the entire cache for just those couple of pages can be a big hit.

    Plugin Author mlazarov


    carolyna1209, “only modified posts” is working BUT its done only if the server load is lower than value of “Max server load average” setting.

    So if your server is overloaded then no cache will be recreated. That can be bad from one perspective (the visitors are seeng old content), but that way the server can be saved from dropping out (so no one can se your content).

    Thanks for replying, that makes sense… except that the value for Server Load on the HyperCache Extended admin page is always 0 – it never changes, regardless of what the server load is.

    Also, I found that the setting for Cached Pages Timeout seems to only save a value between 1 and 1440, so it’s impossible to use the “zero value means a cached page is valid forever” feature.

    Plugin Author mlazarov


    Hi carolyna1209,
    there is no such feature “zero value means a cached page is valid forever”


    Thanks, I saw that in a response to another thread also. Nonetheless, the current software does say exactly that “A zero value means a cached page is valid forever.” Is it also the case that 1440 is the intended maximum?

    Perhaps an update to at least correct where there are errors in the configuration?

    Plugin Author mlazarov


    Actually you are right there is misleading info in the plugin settings page!

    Will be fixed soon (or just will add this feature).

    Thank you!!!

    That feature would be super awesome! This plugin has been a lifesaver for this site but for this one hiccup – we get so much traffic (and yes, we’re behind a load-balancing caching proxy, even so!) that it’s brought down with every new post or update.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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