• Anne-Marie


    Hi Sayotan,

    I tried login in at the support forum, but somehow I’m not a member anymore so I had to track you down overhere.

    I had a mayor up-date with my blog, refreshing new start you might say.

    So..the past couple of hours I have been frustrated, because I just can’t seem to get the Smugmug single album to work.

    Previous I needed an album id to get a single album in one of my wordpress pages or posts. But somehow this is not working anymore.

    For instance I would like this gallery (album) to show up Test-Album, you should say that the new code should be Test-Album…but this is not working.

    shortcode should be something like this (left out the [] not sure what it will do here) : gallery type=’smugmug’ view=’album’ nick_name=’nick_name’ album=’Test-Album’ columns=’5′

    Funny thing is, all albums and trees show up fine.

    Need help!


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