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  • I upgraded to v2.5 but can’t find the WordPress FTP utility anywhere. The utility used to sit just under the Create Post window. Has it been moved (can’t find it anywhere)? Has it been removed? Thanks.

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  • FTP or file upload?
    For file upload, it’s on the top bar of the post editor, “Add Media”
    The box that sat directly below the edit box on wp2.3.3 was media adding.

    Yes, I’m looking for the File Upload utility. I see no text or icon called “File Upload” in v2.5. There are a number of icons (Insert Image / Insert Embedded Media, etc..) but nothing called “Add Media.” The “Insert Image” command assumes that the media has already been uploaded.

    Yes, 2.3 had a media center under the post editor – intuitive and always worked fine.

    Try clicking the Add Media Insert Image button. In the dialog that comes up, there is, at the top of the popup dialog, “From Computer”, a “Choose Files to Upload” button, and some text that says “After a file has been uploaded, you can add titles and descriptions.”

    This is what you do first. Afterwards, you can use the tools below to select images already uploaded for insertion.




    yeah, still buggy as hell for me in v.2.6, even trying all the suggested methods to “fix” it….

    I rather liked the old upload functions better, but I don’t see why WordPress can’t just do a “file manager” approach to allowing uploads in general…?

    An general admin page that displays the directory of the designated upload folder — then below it, displays any image (a thumbnail preview) in that folder.

    on write/manage page/post, a collapsible block that displays existing images in that folder with a click on function to insert into page/post, per earlier methods for adding images.

    I don’t like having uploads of media be on every page and the whole display of the images, etc just ISN’T working in any of my many 2.5.1, 2.6 installs of WordPress. It’s just BROKEN and even if it were working, it’s kind of lame in function.

    I want to see EVERY image in my upload folder to be able to select any of them in any post or page I am working on. I don’t expect to upload from the page or post itself — a general location to do uploads would work for me.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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