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    I looooove the power of Falcon Engine and have been using it for more then a year now.
    Today a message appears in my dashboard telling me Falcon Engine support will stop.

    “Support for the Falcon and Basic cache will be removed. This site currently has the Falcon cache enabled, and it is scheduled to be removed in an upcoming release. Please investigate other caching options and then manually disable it below. It will be disabled automatically when support is removed.”

    Please tell me this is not true? I can not even seem to find a premium version of Falcon Engine and I really hate the thought of no longer being able to use this awesome feature.

    Is there no alternative ( paid version? ) of the Faclon engine so that we could keep using it?
    I have enabled this in multiple sites and would really be lost without it!


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  • All my sites use Falcon Engine with great success. I’ve tested all cache plugins using Google for Developers speed test. There is no cache plugins that would beat Falcon.

    By the other side, since I use the Wordfence premium version, I have payed for a product that now will reduce the services without giving us, as customers, any explanation, any reason why and the worst, no alternative suggestions (payed or not). I do not care if it is legal or non legal decision… I care that is a shame for a serious company reduce features without any reasonable explanation and not giving any (secure) orientation of what to do when it will happen.

    Unbelievable. Sad. I expect Wordfence change back this idea or offer an secure alternative way for caching pages and posts.

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    I agree, I have tested many other options and none ( not even paid ones ) dis such an excellent job and where so easy to configure.

    As you stated this is a big no no for paid users like you!
    Premium users will definitelly lose an awesome feature and yet still pay the same ammount.

    I really wish some of the staff would comment at least once!

    This is badly managed feature change with no information prior to me AS A PAID user! This type of behaviour I often find is symptomatic of perhaps organisational issues and in pending changes that will lead to all sorts of problems going forward. I am lost for words right now after recently purchasing this also for its caching simplicity. Please answer ASAP

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    I have been testing this morning to replace falcon and the simple cache plugin does the job as good as falcon so changing all sites over, GREAT!

    Super disappointed about this. Would love to know why, and I think we deserve an explanation. I have this installed/enabled (paid versions) on multiple sites and have never experienced a problem.

    The ONLY “issue” that I’ve had is that I’ve had to disable Wordfence when I’m migrating a site, but I don’t think that is a sensible reason for discontinuing a great feature.

    Per LogoLogics, I’m going to give Simple Cache Plugin a try.

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    Same here very disapointed about this, but I suppose we have no choise but to accept this as a fact.

    Indeed I have run multiple tests with simple cache and it is giving me amazing speed results so, good luck, so far I can reccomend it, very easy to configure as well.


    As of Wordfence version 6.2.1, we are removing support for Falcon. This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We discussed it internally for a while before we finally decided to remove it. We have released a statement about it on our blog:

    The bottom line is that we’re focusing our energies on security, which we are very good at. If you need a recommendation for a caching solution, there is a great post at this link comparing caching plugins:

    Users that didn’t have Falcon enabled should no longer see “Performance Setup” in the wordfence menu on their sites. Users who came into the update with Falcon enabled should see it. Defining the constant WF_ENABLE_FALCON in your wp-config.php file will cause it to be shown no matter if it was or was not enabled prior to the update.

    We have no plans to release this part of the plugin to the community at large as a separate plugin.

    As always, thanks for your support and for using Wordfence.

    Apologies. You need to add this to wp-config.php to have the performance menu re-enabled until it is permanently removed.

    define(WF_ENABLE_FALCON, ‘true’);

    For anyone looking for a simple, one-click caching plugin, I’ve been testing Simple Cache and it looks good. Very easy to install and configure.

    You did a bad job of informing your users adequately about this issue.
    Next time manage peoples expectations more gently. Trust has been dented, you need to repair it.

    personally I’m now looking to replace wordfence with something more trustworthy.

    Agreed, Im so not happy. Theres an arrogance in the air

    For others looking for a chaching solution, try reverse proxy tool NginX tool called Enginetron
    (support also for HTTPS imenant in version 1.8. Faster site lower resources and compatibility with Cloudflare.. super easy set up and clean install in WHM/Cpanel. Good solid server side acceleration to boost handling and scalability at the backend. PROPERLY.

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