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  • Okay, actually I have 2 questions:

    1. Is it only me or it’s how WP2.5 was designed, it used to have a confirmation box popped up when I was trying to delete a post in earlier versions if I remember correctly, but now it’s gone. If I delete a post by accident there is no warning box showed, it’s a VERY bad idea if that function was erased intentionally!

    2. So I have 10 categories, today I was trying to post an entry to category2 and category3, so I ticked those 2 categories when I was writing the entry. However strangely, after I pressed ‘publish’, I saw the entry had been randomly posted into category3, category7, category9 and category10! It happened only once (never happened during the passed 3 years and later). So has anyone experienced something similar to this?

    Thank you!

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  • After tested another wordpress on another host, I think I have found the bug:

    1. (on Firefox) wp-admin -> Manage
    2. Click on a post
    3. After the editing page has been loaded, press the back button on Firefox to return to the previous page (Manage)
    4. Now press forward button on Firefox to go back to the editing page
    5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for 2-3 times, and now when you are on the edit page, look at the “Categories” box underneath the “Tags” box, you will see categores have been messed up (wildly selected)

    Do I have to report this?


    Anyone please?

    And the new 2.6 still has no change to these issues. (the bug has been reported a few months ago but has received no response)

    ttk_2k – tried what you suggesed – nothing messes up with categories.

    Also once you have edited something, you should logically not be navigating with back and forward buttons like that.

    FF 3.0.1 – no problem.

    hotkee, yes with WP2.6 & FF3.0.1, when ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons are pressed, other unwanted categories WILL BE selected. I’ve tested on a fresh installation on another host and the problem has not gone.

    Sometimes you click a link (eg. Comments) while you are editing a post, but you forgot to save it before the new page has been loaded or you are unsure if the auto-save funtion has saved the most recent content, the only way to go back and check/save your latest revision is to press the ‘back’ button.

    Never had that problem myself – post revisions are turned off for myself.

    Even if they were turned on, and you navigated away by mistake before saving your edited changes, the logical solution to keep changes would be to go to Manage->Posts rather than pressing Back on the browser itself.

    But pressing Back on my machine is causing me no problems – although I do have revisions turned off.

    hotkee, when I said ‘revision’, I didn’t mean the latest added feature, I meant the article which I had just edited but forgot to save.

    Since the latest change to the article had not been saved, it had not even been stored in the database, then how come “go to Managa->Posts” could “keep changes”? 😉

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