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  • After upgrading from wp 1.5.2 to wp-2.0 the new version has
    stopped counting my comments below the posts.It only shows the
    old amount of comments and not the new ones that were added
    after upgrading.

    For example if there where 4 comments before upgrade
    below the post the tag comments_popup_link said ;
    After upgrade it still says that there are four comments
    even there where new ones added.

    Anybody knows a solution?

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    Thanks. I have uploaded the new file and made a test comment.
    Nothing changeed.
    This does not work for me.
    Even in the adminarea (manage-post-area) only the old
    amount of comments shows up next to the post. But in the comment
    edit area the comments are really there…

    What to do now?

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    In this case, I recommend that you re-open ticket #2159 and add a comment to it.

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    macmanx I reopend it. now lets see whats going to happen.

    I need to change 100 posts like such way? Huh..

    I just upgraded as well and I’m having this same issue. I did notice in the support tickets that they said something about spam karma effecting it. I have deactivated Spam Karma and it’s still not working.

    is this being addressed by the wordpress crew or has it been fixed and I need to patch the code some how?


    same here. I’ve deactivated all plugins and reactivated one at a time and there is no difference in the comment counts. All the new comments I’ve gotten – on new posts or old posts – aren’t counted.

    I just wanted to add that I’m having a similar problem. No matter how many comments a post has, on the main index, it shows ‘0 Comments’. On the post page, it shows ‘No Comments’, right above.. 3 or 4 comments.

    I read that SK caused this. I downloaded the 2.1 beta of SK, as well as the SK+WP2Compatibility plugin. I installed both, following the directions.

    Guess what? Still ‘0 Comments’.

    I also tried disabling SK completely, and it still shows ‘0 Comments’.


    not satisfied with throwing in the towel so easily, I tried the upgrading to SK2 beta and uploading the sk2 compatibility plugin – even tho I didn’t think it was an SK2 problem… Now, all new comments (since this SK2 beta) are being counted, BUT – I had to go in and edit all the comments created between my WP2 upgrade and this SK2 upgrade so that they would show in the comments. *shrug*

    well you know the solution.. stay with 1.5 in till they can produce a working upgrade.. pretty simple solution..

    I found a solution that gets all of the comment counts back to the right number.

    Install SK2.1b as well as the compatibility plugin. Go to Options -> SpamKarma -> Approved Comments. Select ’em all, and run them through the WPCompat plugin.

    Fixed the problem on my end.

    That worked great for me, joshteeters, thank you!

    Where can I find the WP compatibility plugin ? I am having the same problem with comment entries.


    well dang, joshteeters – that is what I shoulda done. Don’t I feel like a moron?? lol. Thanks for the heads up.

    anant_27 – go to:

    Sure thing everyone, glad it helped.

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