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  • Just tried this plugin after having struggled with the hierarchical sorting for a long time. It does what was announced, but in a stupid way.

    Careful: this plugin changes the hierarchy-level and the sort# of your pages, without informing you first. This is like cheating. Of course I can cheat myself and assign wrong parameters to a page to force its position in the pages-list. But this is not what I had hoped for.

    Our need is this:

    We have three different versions (contentwise) of each page, so our triplets share the same position in the hierarchy of course.

    Many pages have sub-pages, but we want the triplets to always show up next to each other in the list, to help us with editing.

    We hate the way WordPress is crawling the tree, going first all the way down into one branch before going back up to higher levels. WordPress is giving us a hierarchy for pages, but gives higher priority to the alphabet than to the hierarchy-level when displaying the list. Yikes. We had hoped this plugin would help us, but it does not.

    We need to see a list of all our pages strictly sorted by hierarchy, like this example:
    (Any ideas please?)

    Superdad’s twin sister
    Superdad’s twin brother
    -Superson (son of Superdads twin sister but not important for our list view needs)
    -Superson’s twin brother
    -Superson’s other twin brother
    -Supersecondson’s twin sister
    -Supersecondson’s other twin sister
    –Supergranddaughter (daughter of any of the above six pages but no need to see it)
    –Supergranddaughter’s twin sister
    –Supergranddaughter’s twin brother

    I give three stars because I looked all over before I installed and tried to learn how this plugin does the magic. There is no documentation about “the active ingredient”. I was thinking it would internally rename the page-id or something (and hoped it would do it properly and not break our website).

    If you help me find a solution (since you guys know all about sorting) I will gladly give you five stars and make a mention here that yours is not our solution but how you helped me find our own solution. Thanks.

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