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  • Kashif


    Login From Admin Account. Profile button shows to subcribers.

    Are you logged in as user or a administrator?

    First of all, How can I know If I logged in as user / administrator?

    After I login through, insert username & password, I will straight away go to “profile”.
    There are only 2 buttons on the left side of my dashboard 1. Dashboard 2. Profile.
    If I click on the “dashboard” button, I will only see WordPress Blog & Other WordPress News.
    When I click on the “Screen option” button, there’s only 2 options under the show on screen: wordpress blog & other wordpress news.

    Pls help


    If you are only seeing dashboard and profile then you are logged in as user.
    In profile what do you have subscriber or administrator

    In profile I don’t see any info’s showing that I’m a user / subscriber. The only admin word I see is on the admin color scheme. But there’s a new notification on top saying : WordPress 3.3.2 is available! Please notify the site administrator.
    Am I logging in as subscriber? if yes, how do I change it to admin?
    Please help.


    the only way to change that is in database do you have access to Database?

    Yes, I do have access to the database. What do I need to do from there?

    You need to go in phpmyadmin and click on your database
    look for wp_users and click on browse 1st icon
    you will see list of user if you have more then one
    check if your ID is one
    if is one then click on wp_usermeta
    and check if you have this in table 14 wp_capabilities


    Hi Mr.Govpatel.
    Sorry for the late reply. Been away for a while. Anyway thanks for helping me. Will check on the database & let you know what happens.

    Thanks again

    Hello Mr. Govepatal

    I am having the same problem as AdrialHY. Asked for help previously with exactly the same. I was told to go to my dashboard and unplug plug ins. As I couldn’t get to the dashboard I couldn’t unplug anything. No one else offered anything else. You have given me hope.

    By clicking on properties I get to code, but that is as far as I can get. I cannot get to my data base.

    I would be perfectly willing to start all over again, but do not want to let go of the domain name. Can that be done?

    I am over my head and drowning. Hoping you can help.

    I just clicked on your url the site opens fine could you clarify what type of problem you having.

    Mr. Govpatel, When I sign in on administration all I get is a blank screen with the words Profile and Dashboard on the left and the Worp press blogs on the the right. I get code if I click on properties, and can go to my profile but nothing else works.

    I want to add items to sell. As all I have is this one post, I am willing to go back to the beginning if I can keep the url.

    I am so grateful someone is paying attention. Thank you.

    Seems as you are logging in as user not admin are you sure you using admin username password

    If you do have not have content you can delete all files and folders and database and start from scratch. It will not effect your domain name.

    As sure as I can be. But I am in my 70’s and sureness does not always mean I know the truth of what I am talking about.

    If I can’t get logged in as an adminstrator, is there a way I can delete all files and start from scratch?

    Thank you again for being there.


    If you use skype you can meet me and I will help you my id is govindjip

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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