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  • Why don’t any WordPress media player plugins allow specifying start times of music/video files?

    YouTube allows links with specified start times. You just add #t=_m_s (where you replace “_” with the minutes and seconds of the desired start time), e.g.:

    I searched for:
    1. media player time
    2. player “start time”
    and found no relevant results.

    I tested and investigated the media player plugins I use:
    For Music:
    WP Audio
    For Video:
    Smart YouTube
    Viper’s Video Quicktags

    Do you have an idea what code can be added to a plugin to enable this?

    (Ideally, I also want to specify an end time.)

    If a song or video is 6 minutes long, and I want my students to repeatedly study the section from 4:00 to 4:15, I don’t want them to need to sit through the full 6 minutes. I could write “Study the section from 4:00 to 4:15”, but I want a more elegant and simple solution.

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  • First, please realize that just because you can do something on does not mean you can do the same thing with an embed. They are completely different players.

    That said though, you’re in luck in this case. YouTube was kind enough to add this feature to their embed player too as the start parameter.

    So it’d be

    The current version of my plugin doesn’t support this parameter, but v7.0 of my plugin will.

    An interim solution is to use the embed HTML off and add “&start=21” to the end of the URL(s) in the embed code.

    Thank you! x 4
    – for educating me on the difference between youtube’s [internal] and [embedded] players
    – for your plugin’s v7.0 new feature(s)
    – for your plugin in general
    – for the interim solution.

    I had marked this resolved, but it’s not resolved for audio players.

    Can this feature be added to WP Audio – or another audio player?

    In Multisite mode, embedding is not available. Is there an ETA on v7.0?

    I can’t get start time to work with Viper’s quicktags in any format even though I don’t have multisite.

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