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  • Hello all, I had exported all posts from a friends old blog and then imported them into the new blog I created for him. All of the images appear to be showing up in his posts, However none of the images are found in the Media Library on the left panel in the admin area? I had copied over all the images within the uploads folder from his old blog into the new site uploads folder but they’re still not showing up in the Media library? Anybody else have an issue with this?

    Thank you : )

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  • I believe that is normal but am not 100% sure. But if the photos are all showing up, is there any reason to need them in the media library?

    You could try this plugin, which sounds like it is supposed to import any photos it finds into the media library. I have never tried it so I can’t vouch for it but hopefully it works for you.

    Hi dkotter, thank you for responding. As far as those showing up in the media library, yes because in the new blog layout there is a spot for a thumbnail image at the beginning of each post, therefore he’ll be able to go through and edit each post and choose an image from the media library that he wants to use for a thumbnail.

    Thank you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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