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  • I have two sites – one with default Twenty Eleven theme, and the other one with some other theme that I found on Everything works fine, as long as I dont install any plugins:

    1) MU Domain Mapping causes installation to change themes for both sites at the same time, there is no way to keep them separate anymore

    2) Custom User Registration Lite causes the Admin bar on the top of the page to disappear.

    I found the solution to this – just delete all the plugins in FTP and undo any changes in wp-config.php etc, that were recommended by these plugins authors.

    Is it always like this? I am new to WordPress and I am trying to get it to work, but it seems like a little bit of an uphill battle right from the start.

    Do you think that Multisite verison needs at least another year, before it is going to be free of all these issues etc?
    Is there any way to get around all that and get it all to work somehow? (I am ok with php etc…)

    Thank you.

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  • No it’s not always like that. In fact… they both work fine for me. It sounds like you have other issues going on. What you editing your wp-config with?

    I have the installation hosted on a servr, and I connect to it with Filzezilla, and just use Notepad to edit files (thats what is chosen by the program by default). I already reinstalled the whole program twice.

    Another issue that I have is that MU Domain Mapping does not recognize as root folder, and it just doesnt work. I get the following error:

    Warning! This plugin will only work if WordPress is installed in the root directory of your webserver. It is currently installed in ’/~username/’.

    I dont have any domain assigned to the root folder (
    /home/my_username/public_html), and this is probably the only way that I can connect to the server now, but it is the root. I was trying to fix it with hosting somehow, but they told me to look into this further, before they do anything.

    It definetely takes a while to piece it all together…

    I would like to creat a sub-domain install. I want to have one main installation in the root folder (but without a domain name assigned to it), and 3 sites underneath it, that would be assigned their own fully qualified domain names.

    “Create a network” article on says that:

    You cannot choose Sub-domain Install (for a domain-based network) in the following cases:

    – The WordPress URL contains a path, not just a domain. (That is, WordPress is not installed in a document root, or you are not using the URL of that document root.)

    I am not sure if this is not what I am trying to do… If so, what would be my options? Do I need to get some sort of domain (maybe free etc) and just assign it to that location and go from there? Is there any way to set it in Apache configuration files?

    Thank you.

    I also was not able to create a site under sub-domain installation:

    define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, false );

    so I just changed to “true” and now it is working. I dont mean to get into too many details, but I would like to make sure I do everything right to begin with.

    So, I am starting with a fresh installation in the root folder (without a domain name assigned to it ( is how I get there in a browser), and choosing a SUB-DIRECTORY installation option. I am going to be working on the sites for a while, but ultimately I would like to map 3 separate fully qualified domains to these sites.

    Another issue that I have is that MU Domain Mapping does not recognize as root folder, and it just doesnt work. I get the following error:

    Well … Yeah. You CANNOT use domain mapping if you’re not installed at – subfolders DO NOT and WILL NOT ever work.

    You’re doing this wrong.

    You need to install in the root folder OF A DOMAIN NAME for all this to be happy.

    Ok, thanks. I am just wondering about one more thing.

    1) Would Domain Mapping plugin work with PATH based installation? Would this make any diiference as far as SEO (like keywords in the paths to particular sites etc)?

    2) Can I go for PATH based installation and just point fully quallified domains to,, (from domain registration place)?

    I am just trying to see what my options are, and what would be the best way to go with this….

    Thank you.

    Yes, you can map domains to OR

    No SEO difference.

    Don’t just point domains, as you get little benefit from it in the long run.

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