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  • Hello there!

    I’m new in WordPress, set up a blog site and use Subscribe2 as a plugin to manage a mail newsletter. The only problem: The system can’t send mails at all, not even manually sent ones! About one week long the developer of Subscribe2 checkt everything but couldn’t find any mistake. So he sent me to this forum because there might be a (known?) issue with the WP core. And I shall stress that the safe_mode is off.

    I already tried it with all plugins de-activated; didn’t matter …

    Anyone who can support me?
    But be aware: I don’t unterstand anything of coding, so please give fully explained hints or post such questions, alright? ;))

    Thanks in advance!!

    Kind regards,

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  • Addendum:

    I just discovered that WordPress isn’t sending mails at all! I have the mail option on for new comments, wrote a comment but didn’t get any message. Spam filters de-activated for that account ;))

    So there must be a really big problem of my setup or the WordPress system …

    Thanks for your help in advance!!!

    @esmi: Thanks for your quick response! I don’t understand the lower section of that post, but I will try the plugin mentioned there. Thanks!

    What is your URL?

    A few things you need to do to get emails working.
    1. Activate your mailbox on your server. Creating an email address on your server will activate your mailbox.

    2. Ask your host tech support to unblock outgoing emails as they normally have a firewall that blocks all outgoing emails.

    3. Make sure all fields in your email forms are filled up ie reply-to, fr, …

    4. ensure you have an SMTP plugin installed like Configure SMTP.

    5. try sending out an email to a … address and see if ti works.

    If you let me know what is your URL I may be able help.

    @peter achutha: Thanks!
    I already read somewhere else that a missing smtp program could be the cause of the problem. I tried this already and can send mails manually … but not automatically. And the developer of Subscribe2 promised that his plugin normally works. So I don’t know if the lack of automaticaly sent mails is a problem of Subscribe2 or of the WP core. I would appriciate any help very much! The url is
    Thanks in advance!

    Probably your server setup. WP core depends on the PHP mail function. Not all hosts allow that or have it configured properly, so you should check with your hosts.

    Alright, Ill check that. Thanks!

    Did you ask your host tech support to unblock emails from going out from forms?

    I checked your server at pingdom and it is fine.

    Do check with your host tech support about their firewall that the blocks are disabled.

    Another thing is your from email address is registered in your server mailbox? ie you from email address is (in your case and not

    @peter achutha,

    thanks for checking!

    Yes, I set my sending mail address ( to allow scripts – I guess that’s what you’re telling me, right? And that address is set in the smtp plugin service. Here’s not the problem – because if it would, I couldn’t send mails manually at all (I guess).

    It’s only the automatically mails that do not work. So it has something to do with the cron jobs and how this works with Subscribe2, wp-con and the host (on which I programmed a cron job called “wget –delete-after“). But the developer of Subscribe2 swears that his tool is working. Don’t know what to do anymore …

    If you can manually fill up a form and have the email sent & received then your email system is working. As long as you have SMTP plugin then those emails host on other email servers like Google Apps will be able to receive your emails.

    It does look like either cron job related or Subscribe2 related. Let me check them out as I have never used either of them. If I find a solution I will get back to you. If anyone has the answer please feel free to jump in and reply.

    @peter achutha,

    thanks, that’s very kind!
    By the way: I have another rpoblem with a piece of code – and I don’t understand nothing of that HTML …
    I need it for changing the subject of the newsletter mails, but it doesn’t work – I guess there’s something wrong the way I did it. I put this into the “custom code for header” section of my theme:

    add_filter(‘s2_email_subject’, ‘my_filter’);
    function my_filter($subject) {
    if ( strstr($subject, “Digest Email”) ) {
    $subject = “Ihr täglicher Newsletter”;}
    return $subject;}

    Do you have any idea why this isn’t working?

    Kind regards,

    Where is this custom code? In Subscribe2?

    I am not an expert in php – just began learning php in May. It looks like the add_filter function takes data from another function my_filter(). In the line add_filter(‘s2_email_subject’, ‘my_filter’); the ‘my_filter’ part should be, I think, my_filter($subject) without the quotes ‘, or ‘my_filter’ should be a value, or a variable $my_filter. Like it is now it is a string that is taken as is.

    Also it looks like ‘s2_email_subject’ is a variable being picked up but when you use the quotes,’, php takes it literally as a string. I think it should have been $s2_email_subject, without the quotes.

    Where is my_filter (or rather $my_filter or the variable passed to it) and s2_email_subject (or rather $s2_email_subject) being defined? Unless they are part of an array structure! (Oops…I keep thinking in C++)

    Better still, where did you get the code? I can take a look at it.

    @peter achutha,

    thanks a lot!
    But in the meantime I checked out three problems.
    1.: I needed that smtp plugin, you mentioned.
    2.: I needed an external cron job on the host of my provider.
    3.: Subscribe2 plans the next daily newsletter cron job not for the day you set up the settings (normally today) but for the next day (tomorrow). And I didn’t get that because I only checked the time, not the date of the cron job …

    And that “my_filter()” is a little plugin I write by myself for changing the subject of the newsletter mails ;))

    So I hope I’m done with that!

    Thanks again and kind regards,

    I am using ‘Configure SMTP’ plugin.

    Does that mean your problems are solved?

    Yeas, thanks again!

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