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  • Hello,

    I have been using this plugin for over a year now, however it has recently stopped working a few months ago.

    I use default WC “Customer” role and custom “Dealer” role, so that our dealers get their discounted pricing. In the past, this plugin worked great, showing a role’s specific pricing automatically on the single-product page, cart preview, and in the cart itself. Customers were always charged the price displayed for their role.

    Now, the plugin does not show the role-based price on frontend, rather it shows original(MSRP) price. Upon add-to-cart, the cart preview in header shows proper price, however upon navigation to dedicated cart page, the original(MSRP) price is shown in cart and original price is what customer gets charged – this causes several refund fees from our payment processor, as we need to credit our dealers the difference between their price and what they were charged. This will cost us time and money.

    I have tested this on a fresh installation with no additional plugins aside from woocommerce, on all stock wordpress themes. The result is the same error regardless of theme. I will be looking for another plugin if this is not fixed, we are currently unable to accommodate our dealer-level customers, who are responsible for distributing our products worldwide.

    I did notice a few issues along the testing procedure as well. Firstly, the plugin does not remove it’s own directory upon removal. I had to manually remove the plugin directory. Upon re-installation, I was faced with “This plugin does not have valid headers” error. I attempted a second time, and the plugin was successfully activated.

    Upon completing reconfiguration, I noticed that the labels that I entered upon my original configuration over a year ago. I then noticed that, when attempting to set pricing for a variable item, the dropdown for variable products in role-based-price meta-box is no longer shown on the product edit screen, so I cannot set role-specific pricing for more any variations aside from the default variation. The plugin is not functioning properly, and to further issue, removing this plugin does not remove database data nor physical directory.

    This was not an issue before last major update. I need this resolved immediately otherwise I will be utilizing other plugin. I have been attempting to troubleshoot this issue using the author’s advice provided to some other users who are having issues, with no luck. I hope I will receive a response, which several other users do not appear to be receiving.

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    I am concerned about health of my product data now, as this plugin clearly did not remove the data entered from last installation.

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    Also noticed several 404 errors for “/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-role-based-price/includes/js/frontend.js?ver=3.0.1”, and “/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-role-based-price/includes/js/frontend.js?ver=3.1” which is not in plugin directory even after re-installation.

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    As I look in my database, there is content matching my search of “role-based”, which resolves to the plugin directory. There are proabably about 100 different “Invalid utf8 character string” errors showing when viewing the entries associated with this plugin.

    I need a direct response from the plugin author as soon as possible, as this now introduces several concerns regarding the health of my database as a result of plugin use.

    Plugin Author Varun Sridharan



    Hi There

    This plugin is not abandoned. to be clear.

    I was in a medical treatment for the past 1 year. so i could’t able to keep the plugin update. but i just got back from the treatment 1 month ago.

    And i will be working on full force to update all my plugins in

    I am really sorry that so many guys had a lot of issues with this. but i promise this will be resolved soon.

    to be more clear i have already started to work on V4.0 and it will be released soon. since its built from ground up. and with a lots of improvements.

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    @varunms I understand entirely, I truly hope you are back in good health! And I look forward to future updates to this plugin.

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