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    I didn’t want to hi-jack the other thread, so I made a new post.

    First off, plugin has been great thus far and really easy to use, thank you for the work.

    I updated the plugin earlier this morning (WordPress 3.4.2), and received an error after updating. Sorry, I didn’t take a screenshot or anything, but it was along the lines of the plugin being deactivated because it was a certain file was missing.

    I decided to deactivate and delete the plugin in hopes of re-installing it. After the re-install I went ahead and activated the plugin, but nothing, the website functioned as if the plugin was deactivated.

    I double checked my selectors, and everything was correct (same selectors used in previous version 2.0b2.120226). I figured I would go ahead and just update WordPress to 3.5, hoping it would resolve everything, but still nothing.

    For your reference, I am using a custom theme (, which I built, using the follow selectors #content, #post, #pagination, and #pagination a:first alongside with a few jQuery callbacks.

    Any help would be great!

    Thank you.

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  • Same problem here.

    First I noticed infinite scroll wasn’t working, then I realized there was an update for the plugin. After the upgrade, the error was something like “plugin was deactivated because plugin file is missing” or such. I tried to activate it again and it went fine.

    But still, the plugin javascript file wasn’t anywhere in my code. (custom theme, both wp_head() and wp_footer() present)
    I tried to see where the problem is, so I put wp_die(); just before the wp_enqueue_script in the plugin Class, but nothing happened. So I’m not sure if plugin is being run at all.

    Any ideas?

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