• Perhaps two years ago I considered Shareaholic (aka sexy bookmarks) to be the #1 social sharing plugin. But not anytime recently. It is buggy, overbloated and overcomplicated, yet somehow lacks almost any customization options.

    The most crippling issue is that from time to time the image for one or two of the sharing buttons disappear until wordpress and/or the plugin is updated to the latest version. This is not a 1-time bug, I have noticed it consistently occurring across different wordpress versions and themes, even today when I just updated wordpress on one of my sites (and removed this plugin). If visitors cannot see the sharing button, obviously they’re not going to use it. Needless to say, completely unacceptable.

    Regarding the plugin itself, there are many different options that have been added over time, like “classic bookmarks” and “related content”. The issue with these is there is almost no customization options. You can’t even have the “classic” bookmark bar independently from the “sexy bookmarks”. At least, I couldn’t after half an hour of trying to accomplish this and trying to understand why they would possibly design it they way. What this means is that if you use the “classic” bar, there will still be separate buttons for facebook, twitter, and google+ outside of the classic bar, whether you want it that way or not.

    Now for most of my sites I just use a simple and reliable plugin for facebook, G+, and twitter.

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  • Hi AlterityDan,

    I really appreciate hearing your feedback. We felt the same way you do about the plugin being overly bloated with some compatibility issues that needed to be addressed, which is why we took to rewriting the entire plugin. We’d love to have you transition to our v7 release that provides much better control and customization options. It’s also completely responsive, and you’ll never again have trouble with absentee buttons after updating.

    Instead of continuing to patch the old plugin code that was first written several years back, we decided it best to start fresh using the community input we have gathered over the years, allowing us to tackle bigger issues that we simply weren’t able to easily correct in the older version as time has brought with it many changes, but we decided to stop fighting time, finally changing with it and adapting.

    I welcome you to install our latest v7 release, and let us know what you think.

    P.S. In version 6 and since the addition of Classic Bookmarks, Classic Bookmarks is independent of SexyBookmarks. You do not have to enable SexyBookmarks in order to use Classic Bookmarks, but if you liked using Classic Bookmarks, you’ll love version 7 and all that it offers as you can fully customize several different automatic button placement options independently and choose from a wider range of styles.

    We’ve also made the plugin completely responsive, and you can even style your Related Content apps and set a blacklist to finely tune what content is recommended. 🙂

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