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  • Mike


    It doesn’t touch widget styling. In fact, the only change that was made to styling in this plugin was the input widths.

    Strange, I’ve only updated this plugin and it’s the only widget not showing correctly but was on the previous version.

    I’ll have a dig about in the theme in that case and see if I can spot what’s going on.





    I’ve also found that this no longer uses my theme’s custom css. I went into the .php file and tried adding an id to the form tag to clarify how I wanted things to look but my custom CSS is being ignored.

    Also being ignored is the tagging for the form and an extra paragraph I wanted added. I had recoded the form in the .php file from using paragraphs to using accessible fieldset, legend, and label tagging. This is all being ignored. Even the extra paragraph doesn’t show.

    Something is overriding modifications to the file and custom CSS.

    same problem here:

    no more problems after the login:

    Anything I can do?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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