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  • I have been trying to move my blog from to I was working with the tech at my server, and he helped me ftp all my blog files and word press to the subdomain. I was then told to go into General Options on Word Press and change the WordPress address and the blog address to the new location. I did that, but now I can’t even log in as admin on Word Press.

    I was reading on the support documentation, and it sounds like I should have made those location changes on the General Options before I ftp’d the files to the new subdomain.

    Whatever! Now I need to figure out what to do next! Please help.

    I am a nontechie, so please use simple words in a step-by-step manner. Thanks so much. Jeanne

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  • You can change those values even after the move – though you have to go into the database. See this tutorial:

    When I go into my phpmyadmin, it says there are no databases. I can see that my blog is still available and has not been deleted. Even when my blog was working properly, I never saw any databases listed in phpmyadmin.

    I do see this under Setup –> Databases –> Installed Databases:

    atticsho_recipes table listing

    Below is a list of tables contained in the atticsho_recipes database


    Any other ideas?


    Everything starting with wp_ in your database is the WP database.
    Can’t you see anything in phpmyadmin if you click the dropdown menu on the left side?

    On the left side under phpMyAdmin, it says “No databases.”

    When I select databases under MySQL, it says “No databases” and gives me the option of creating one.

    Then you should contact your host about it because, obviously, your phpmyadmin is not “connected” to your DB. Your databse does exists – since your blog is running. The tables with the wp_ prefix are WordPress tables. On the other hand you have access to phpmyadmin.
    Now they just have to connect the dots…

    I will try. One of the last times I talked with them, they didn’t even know what a blog was! Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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