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  • Same question.

    I’d like to know the answer also. It’s a MUCH needed plugin. If it’s no longer being developed, is there an alternative?

    although if
    not have a minimum
    is quite complicated

    Haven’t tried it – yet:

    I also recommend myCRED.

    Plugin Author Jonathan Lau


    To those who are still using CubePoints, we’d like to say we haven’t abandoned this project yet. As we’re full time students, we were pretty busy for the past year. Holidays have just started and we hope to resume development to make CubePoints compatible with the latest version of WordPress (wow, so many version changes) as well as to bring in new features.

    For this, we need your support! Donations, ideas and beta-testing.

    To donate, or find out how you can help, visit


    That may be so, Jonathan, but even if you are students, “hope to resume development” will not earn trust & credibility, gain donations, or support your activities unless you are able to maintain ongoing communication with your audience of users. Bottom line: business people & web developers need reassurance from you that you will deliver a working plugin in order to plan their projects – if you cannot commit to dates and timetables for features & functionality, then CubePoints is useless for WP professionals.

    Where did the documentations go?
    You should restore the forums as an archive..

    Plugin Author Jonathan Lau


    @mangoman: Appreciate your comments. If you’d like you may follow the development of CubePoints on Github.

    @motwera: Thanks for your suggestions, we will do that soon. The only reason we’re holding that back is that the new version of CubePoints (in progress) is a complete rewrite and hence would have a totally different set of API.

    I’m looking forward to new updates and some new features, could you also check that it is compatible with buddypress and buddyboss?

    As soon as I see some updates then I will be more than happy to part with some donations 😉

    Plugin Author Jonathan Lau


    The next release of CubePoints will have core support for buddypress.




    I’ve searched for a ranking/reputation plugin for WordPress, and CubePoints seems to be the best and simplest so far. I’ve tried WP Achievements but I don’t like it.

    Features that I would like to see in this plugin are the ability to see the points and rank on the author profile (author/admin/ for example, or provide a shortcode), in the comments (on post page so that all commenters have the ranks after the name), the integration with WP-PostRatings and ability to add badges.

    Keep up the good work.

    P.S.: You can support yourself by providing premium modules for the plugin. 😉



    @jonathan Lau:
    Thanks for this awesome plugin.
    You and Petester did a great job here.

    By the way, in case CubePoints needs support related to graphic work / UI design, we’d be happy to participate.

    Keep up the good work!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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