• After years of using this plugin on 3 websites, it breaks my heart to let it go. Here are the problems with the newer versions:

    1. It uses markup as “BlogPosting” instead of “Article“ so expect all your articles to drop out of Google’s index.

    2. It claims to be an all in one SEO solution, but you have NO control of the Schema Markup unless you pay… hello! Search engines can care less about your social media seo, without the proper markup you are not in business.

    3. It installs behind the scenes another plugin named MonsterInsights without your permission and then you get a nasty warning on the page source. The only way to find out that you have it is by looking at your plugin files from C-Panel and removing it from there.

    4. The company that bought this plugin also owns WPBeginner and they use Yoast for their own site. That says it all.

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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by cantupm.
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    Hey @cantupm,

    Thank you for your honest feedback. We really appreciate it.

    I’ll address the concerns you have below –

    1. The BlogPosting graph is just a child type of the Article graph and therefore Google treats it as an Article. Here’s an example of a post on my personal site – https://a.supportally.com/eNo4l5. You’ll see that I have it set to “BlogPosting”, but Google considers it valid Article schema nonetheless, so it doesn’t affect your rich results.

    2. You can control some schema like the Knowledge Panel schema under Search Appearance > Global > Knowledge Panel; for your post types/taxonomies the plugin uses smart defaults, which you can change in our Lite version using this filter hook – https://aioseo.com/docs/aioseo_schema_graphs/

    For instance, this code snippet would change “BlogPosting” to “Article” –

    add_filter( 'aioseo_schema_graphs', 'aioseo_filter_schema_graphs' );
    function aioseo_filter_schema_graphs( $graphs ) {
       if ( in_array( 'BlogPosting', $graphs, true ) ) {
          $graphs[] = 'Article';
          $index = array_search( 'BlogPosting', $graphs );
          unset( $graphs[ $index ] );
          $graphs = array_values( $graphs );
       return $graphs;

    3. We never install any third-party plugins without explicit permission from you as a user. There are currently three places in the plugin where you can install MonsterInsights: our Setup Wizard, our About Us page and the Google Analytics section under General Settings > Webmaster Tools > Google Analytics. All of these require an action or opt-in from the user.

    4. That’s correct, we own WPBeginner and we still use Yoast on the site. We are going to migrate to All in One SEO, but these things take time and we haven’t gotten around to this yet. 🙂

    – Arnaud

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