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    We’ve been trying to track down a weird error that seems to only happen to some users. It says something like “The message says no longer accepting reservations” but the event still has spots open. It works fine every time I test it. However I did manage to kick up an error while I was logged in as an admin when I tried to register using a different email address… told me I couldn’t do that.

    I don’t have direct contact to the people registering because this is my client’s site.

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  • Ok. I appreciate your help.

    We just were finding way too many bugs…..and then I realized with recurring events, 2 per day, it was impossible to find which event was which and then find the “parent” event… the point that when I updated the events to extend them an other month I missed a couple which resulted in not getting registrations.

    You have a very robust plugin but its really hard to use….even with out the bugs. I’ll check back again sometime to see if stuff has improved because I’ve had this work well for other clients.


    Plugin Author Franky


    Ivm a bit surprised here: you reported one bug which you haven’t been able to reliably reproduce, so the comment about “many bugs” is a bit weird …
    Concerning recursive events: there is no master event, just click on “edit recurrence”, that’s it.

    I reproduced it over and over.

    I have a list of 100+ recurrences and the dates are unintuitive so I can’t tell which is which. One of the other plugins has a separate page that lists the parent events so I can see the 4 parent events and edit the 4 with out having to sort through the 100 child events.

    Even the process to see the list of bookings is not sorted right….

    Even if I can figure it out…..I still have to be able to train a client to manage this and she was lost.

    I still have your plugin installed in case we need something while moving over to the new plugin. If you want to peak and even connect by phone I’m willing to. You have a good start and good potential. Its just not ready.

    Plugin Author Franky


    You can sort on event title, start date, end date, filter on event title, filter on start/end etc … I can’t do much more than that. The fact that you struggle with recurrences in EME is not related to the topic at hand (and can’t be considered a bug).
    Also for bookings: I manage events with hundreds of bookings, never had an issue so far finding the booking I needed (using the ID or unique number or custom field).
    Concerning the bug: I gave you my contact details (per wordpress rules I’m not allowed to ask for login details, which I can understand), but I never got a mail …
    Anyway, I hope the other plugin gives you the functionality you seek (although I didn’t find many event managers that give free payment gateways, mailing lists, memberships, custom form fields and templates).
    I’ll take your remark about “separate” recurrences into account, it is a good suggestion to maybe show the current active recurrences separate too (or be able to filter on them).

    Plugin Author Franky


    For completeness: the next version will have a separate section to view/edit just the recurrences (next to the regular list of events that stays as is).
    I also reworked the wordings and info a bit in the events overview concerning approved/total seats etc …

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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