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  • Hi All

    I’ve been working with WordPress for about two years now and run several custom-themed WordPress sites for myself, my bands, and my web clients. I consider myself a “power user” but have run into something I can’t figure out.

    Today, I logged into the dashboard of my personal website and found that I could not access the Theme Editor, nor could I add a new plugin to my site.

    I checked to make sure that my account was still an administrator, and it is. Just to be sure, I checked the database, and my account’s User Status is set to ‘0’, meaning it should have full privileges. To troubleshoot further, I created a new administrator account, and when I log in with the new one, the “plugins” tab doesn’t even show up. Both accounts are administrator accounts and both have their status set to ‘0’ in the database.

    Everything was working fine two days ago, and I made no changes since. After I noticed the problem, I upgraded to version 3.4.2, and nothing changed.

    Do you know what’s wrong? Thanks in advance. I appreciate your advice.

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  • Deactivate all plugins, delete inactive plugins and revert to Twenty Eleven theme and see if the problem persists. You may also reset permalinks and see if it helps. You can get back to your current settings after fixing the issue. Backup everything before doing the above steps.

    I deactivated all plugins but can’t delete them — the function doesn’t exist. I switched to the Twenty Eleven theme and the problem persisted. I’ve since reactivated the one plugin that I use and switched back to my homemade theme.

    Same here… Plus I can’t access the plugin editor.

    WP 3.4.2
    My account is administrator.
    I’ve checked the database.
    I’ve created a new admin user.

    But nothing, I still can’t access the plugin nor the theme editor…

    Last update I’ve made before the problem : Jetpack

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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