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  • Several days ago comments stopped being sent to my by email. I have looked through the forum and tried several things. I did a fresh install, and it still doesn’t work.

    I have another installation running on the same server, and the notification works fine there.

    The only thing I can think of that might conflict is the Subscribe-Comments plugin to allow readers to be notified of follow-up comments. But I deactivated this and it still didn’t work.

    My installation is at

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  • Still haven’t fixed this issue!
    I tried the fix suggested here:

    Didn’t work.

    I am having the same problems. I tried the same fix as well. It didnt work

    I’m havuing the same problem as well! Since I upgraded to WP 2.3.x

    Me too – I thought it was a problem with Spam Karma, but even after disabling it no joy. Spam Karma’s daily summaries aren’t coming through either.

    I don’t see any errors when I add a comment, there’s nothing I can find in my server logs, and my spam filter is not eating it.

    I had this type of problem a couple of months back, not limited to WordPress and not correlated to any software charges. My experience may or may not help someone else.

    What happened was that I stopped getting all auto-generated messages from my domain, as well as auto-generated messages from a totally unrelated online forum. The wordpress messages were arriving in the mailbox on my webhost (where all received messages are stored temporarily), but I was not receiving them in the Comcast e-mail account where that mail is forwarded (including Comcast’s spam folder).

    I concluded that Comcast was systematically blocking this type of auto-generated mail. I contacted Comcast and did not get any satisfactory results/answers, but after a few weeks I started receiving the e-mail again.

    When my provider included a script to handle spam in another way spam karma-emails did not get through even though they were being generated as normal.

    Same problem here. I thought it was something I did but apparently not. Also started when I installed wp 2.3.1.

    I can’t edit my previous post, but it’s fixed now for me; as I skipped wp 2.2.x, I missed the issue that occured at that time where all wp-generated posts go to instead of as in wp 2.1 and earlier.

    I added a new mailbox and a forwarding rule, and everything is now working.

    Wish I knew what you were talking about so I could give it a try myself. Is your fix something you thought up yourself or is it described online somewhere??




    this is what hes saying ..

    most hosts allow you to have a catch-all for e-mail. that is to say this:

    lets say you have this email address:

    lets say that I send an e-mail to

    the catch-all would automatically forward that e-mail to steve, because adam doesnt exist.

    some hosts require you to set up a catch-all before it’s available.

    some hosts dont allow you to have a catch-all and if I send an e-mail to steve to that host, and all there is an adam, then it wont go through. it bounces.

    what the person above did, was make sure that existed, and then set up a forwarder to his “real” e-mail address.

    thats all usually done inside whatever control panel your host has.

    Thank you so much. That did the trick.

    I finally checked with my host about this issue, and here’s their response:

    When clients move their WordPress 2.3.1 installations to us (or upgrade to 2.3.1), they may find that the usual emails they receive when users comment on posts stop being received. To resolve this issue, they must…

    1. Create a wordpress email account . i.e.
    2. Install the WordPress Plugin called Comments Notifier.

    If that doesn’t work, remove the following line in wp-includes/pluggable.php which was added in WP 2.3.1:

    228 $phpmailer->Sender = apply_filters( ‘wp_mail_from’, $from_email );

    I gather that the first option is what whooami is talking about, with the plugin mentioned equating to whooami’s mention of a forwarder. Is that right?

    In any case, of the two options mentioned by my host, is one option preferrable to the other? I’m worried about “breaking” something else!

    @janetm: Thanks for the post. Since upgrading to 2.3.2 I was not having problems with comments notification going to the admin, but I was having problems comments not being e-mailed to subscribers via the Subscribe-to-Comments plugin.

    Removing the line in wp-includes/pluggable.php fixed the problem!

    Hopefully removing that line won’t break something else.

    My comments have suddenly stopped being forwarded to my e-mail. To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t “done” anything — i.e., upgraded wordpress. (Not even sure what version of wordpress I’m running.) I’m clueless.

    I created a wordpress@mydomain account and set the e-mail to be forwarded. That didn’t work.

    I reset my wordpress password and that e-mail DID appear in my inbox, so I’m pretty sure it’s not my server.

    Help please! I’m afraid of breaking something since I don’t know what I’m doing!!!


    I have 2.3.3 installed and this is a new blog, though I’ve used WP before (older version). What is happening to me is if a comment is held in moderation, I get notified, but just a random comment that doesn’t require approval, I do not get notified. Is this the same problem that’s happening to other people?

    PS. This is absolutely not hosting related on my end because my husband has this version of WP installed and we have the exact same hosting for all of our domains.

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