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  • Hi,
    It is a 500 error. Either php is not enabled or your domain name isn’t resolved or set up or some other server problem.
    Or you uploaded files to the wrong place.

    Hi Samboll,

    I have installed a fresh installation (WordPress 2.6) on our server which has PHP 5, MySQL 4 with about 5 or 6 other fully functioning installations of up to date WordPress Blogs on the same box.

    I can see the new blog I have installed, but when I try and burn the feed (through I get an error saying that the feed doesn’t work as it seems to be a web page and shows the code of the WordPress installation page. I can also see this when I try and validate the page through the W3C.

    Any ideas?

    When I visit your site I get a 500 Internal Server Error. This is usually because of some problematic scripts in the .htaccess file. An error check seems that the site is having trouble with never ending redirects. If you have a .htaccess file, I would suggest renaming it temporarily to see if it is causing this problem, if so, you could start commenting out lines within it to see what the problems are. (Use a # symbol in front of the text in the .htaccess to comment-out, or make null that line)

    Thanks very much for that Bernard. I will go and investigate.

    Sorry Falcon, I was looking at Steve’s request. I didn’t realize that they were two different issues. 😀
    I would try disabling unrelated plugins and change your theme and see if it makes a difference. I’m not too familiar with, but I know that some WP themes don’t allow rss2, or other feeds which feedburner may need. Make sure your installation is complete, too. Without more information, I’m not really sure what the issue might be.

    Hi Bernard,

    Thanks for that – I have done three fresh installs, 2 with 2.6 and one with 2.6.1 all with no themes and no plugins.

    After installation, it looks great from where I am in Portugal but from South Africa it displays the /wp-admin/installation.php file when typing in the URL.

    When doing a W3C validation (as it does with Feedburner), it validates the /wp-admin/installation.php file not the /index.php file as one would imagine.

    WEIRD – we have other blogs on exactly the same server and they all work perfectly.

    What is interesting is that our new blog has 10 tables and all our old blogs have 11 – the missing table is wp_calendar. Does that help?

    I don’t see how that table would matter. When you finished installing, you should have deleted the install folder, is that gone?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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