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    First off I’d like to say that Simple Colorbox is a great plugin, the best that I know of to add lightbox-type overlay functionality. Thanks for creating it!

    I’m not sure whether or not my problem is related to a flaw with the plugin itself, but I have no idea what could be causing it and was hoping you could perhaps point me in the right direction. On one site only, the captions fail to appear at the bottom of the colorbox. If I edit an image, clicked on the “Advanced Settings” tab, and enter a title under “Advanced Link Settings”, then THAT appears as the caption, but nothing else works. On all other sites I have with Simple Colorbox installed, filling out just the basic Title field sets the caption (including on gallery images, for which one cannot even access the Advanced Settings AFAIK).

    I’ve tried reinstalling Simple Colorbox, and also switching to Twenty Twelve theme and disabling all plugins except for Simple Colorbox, but it has no effect. I’m so confused, do you have any ideas?


    ETA – oh sorry, here’s the site:

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  • Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    strip_tags() is for removing tags. esc_attr() is for escaping attributes, eg: the title attribute, hence esc_attr() makes sense, whereas strip_tags() does not.

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    Do any of you know if there is a Trac ticket for this? If not, I’ll write a patch to fix this.



    That makes sense, though I note that the snippet to which he added esc_attr() did not include strip_tags() to begin with.

    And as a reminder, image title attributes were intentionally removed in 3.5 because developers apparently thought it was “ugly” to have auto-generated title attributes based on image file names (which are usually something like IMG3q089hr9h.jpg)

    This is a WordPress bug. I’m sorry (but not actually sorry) that the tooltip community has felt slighted by this one, but we won’t need to make a change. We made a choice, and this choice on the whole benefits all users and readers, not just those using screenreaders. How often have you moused over an image on a WordPress site and saw “IMG_1234”? One of the lamest things ever. Never again.

    Tooltips can still be added by opening the Edit Image modal and inserting something into the title attribute box. The only change is that the “Title” field — which is the name of an image’s attachment page — does not populate the title attribute.

    It does sort of make sense..ish, but has the unfortunate effect of making it impossible to add titles to gallery images.

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    I think I misunderstood. I assumed WordPress implemented strip_tags() somewhere.

    Just wanted to say thanks to others on this thread for investigating the problem and posting the code snippets. This issue was driving me nuts and you have provided a solution that works for me.

    Strangely, I tried the Restore Image Title plugin and it didn’t have any effect on the gallery html ie it didn’t cause the image title to be output in the title tag.

    I then added dhennen’s snippet to the end of the plugin code and this solved the issue. However, I did use this on a 6 year old WordPress site, so I expected it to a little different.

    Glad you solved your problem! Believe me, I understand completely about it driving you nuts. 😀 Funny, I tried the Restore Image Title plugin as well and also found it ineffective.

    dhennen – you are a total star!
    Thank you!

    I loved the simplicity of the Fancybox Gallery ( but since the WP3.5 upgrade when it stopped showing titles, I’ve searched in vain for something that worked as well. The code you provided above has fixed that, so I can continue using it.
    Thank you thank you!

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