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    Sorry you’re having problems. I need more information to help you properly.

    Note that some shared hosts have very strict settings preventing you from enumerating your own files. That’s probably why the file chooser isn’t available for you. The manual entry is actually already the backup choice… Most users never see it.

    At a minimum in order to be able to help you, I need to know what is shown by default in the first part of the path entry, and the info from your Get Help screen. I’d also need to know what kind of paths you tried to type and what was the error you received.



    I am trying to connect for the first time in order to enter setup. The error is always “The server returned the following information:
    ERROR: phpBB’s config.php could not be found at the location you chose”

    Image of input boxes on setup page

    I have tried every combination of the following domain and placement of config.php: (including: splitting the domain into two halves, one for the first input box and the other for the second; removing the “config.php” part from input; including or not including forward slashes; and including or not including “home” and/or “public_html”)[public_html/]phpBB/config.php

    Nothing, in any combination, works. It always says “config.php could not be found at the location you chose”.

    Plugin Author jhong


    The path is a file path, not a url… there should be no http and no domain.

    It will be something like:

    If you can post the info from the get help screen (showing sensitive info) as requested, I can tell you what your path is.

    Is “xxx” the domain? Such as “xxx” = “”? Does “xxx” need to exist?

    Also, there is no screenshot, unless you want me to screenshot every attempt at filling in the input boxes. I already gave you the location of my config.php file. I’m not sure what you are asking for.

    Page I am on, with error

    Location of config.php:

    Plugin Author jhong


    Xxx is part of the file path. It could be similar to your domain name, it depends on how your host sets it up.

    There is a wp-united page called “get help”. That includes a bunch of information that you can post in order to help with support. It’s on the left, in the wp-united menu, labelled “Get Help”

    There are two input boxes side by side in the setup page where you put in the URL of config.php, as shown in the picture. What is the difference between the two? Can I ignore one? Can you make a screenshot of what goes into the boxes, or do I even need the first one if both WordPress and phpBB are hosted under the same domain?

    Here is the information:

    [b]WP-United Version[/b]        :
    [b]WordPress Version[/b]        :     3.5.1
    [b]PHP Version[/b]              :     5.2.17
    [b]WP-United enabled?[/b]       :     No
    [b]WordPress Home URL[/b]       :
    [b]WordPress Base URL[/b]       :
    [b]WordPress Plugin URL[/b]     :
    [b]phpBB URL[/b]                :     Unknown
    [b]Plugin Path[/b]              :     /home/a3359902/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-united/
    [b]WordPress Path[/b]           :     /home/a3359902/public_html/
    [b]phpBB Path[/b]               :
    [b]Active plugins[/b]           :     better-wp-security/better-wp-security.php, wp-united/wp-united.php
    [b]Current theme[/b]            :     Twenty Twelve
    [b]Allocated memory[/b]         :     32728M
    [b]Memory limit[/b]             :     256M
    [b]Locale[/b]                   :     en_US
    [b]integrateLogin[/b]           :     0
    [b]showHdrFtr[/b]               :     NONE
    [b]wpSimpleHdr[/b]              :     1
    [b]dtdSwitch[/b]                :     0
    [b]phpbbCensor[/b]              :     1
    [b]wpPageName[/b]               :     page.php
    [b]phpbbPadding[/b]             :     6-12-6-12
    [b]xposting[/b]                 :     0
    [b]phpbbSmilies[/b]             :     0
    [b]avatarsync[/b]               :     1
    [b]integcreatewp[/b]            :     1
    [b]integcreatephpbb[/b]         :     1
    [b]xpostautolink[/b]            :     0
    [b]xpostspam[/b]                :     all
    [b]xpostforce[/b]               :     -1
    [b]xposttype[/b]                :     excerpt
    [b]xpostprefix[/b]              :     [BLOG]
    [b]cssMagic[/b]                 :     1
    [b]templateVoodoo[/b]           :     1
    [b]useForumPage[/b]             :     1
    Plugin Author jhong



    The first one should be pre-populated with the document root. But I am guessing that in your case this didn’t happen.

    Anyway as long as the two boxes add up to the correct path you will be fine. You should notice when typing into the boxes that the path chosen is just the two boxes added together.

    Thanks for the get help info. I can see from that that your phpBB path is probably:
    /home/a3359902/public_html/phpBB . Put /home/a3359902/public_html/ in the first box and phpBB in the second one.

    I got a success message.

    It says my path is:


    The path adder is still buggy, even if I did eventually get it working. Just pasting the correct URL into the input does not work properly.

    Plugin Author jhong


    It’s not a URL. It’s a file path. What did you paste? Did the path below the path adder change automatically as you were typing? If not it might be a JavaScript error caused by another plugin… You could try with other plugins disabled.

    I meant pasting the path, not pasting the URL.

    The path below the adder does change automatically.

    Plugin Author jhong


    Thanks. What was the bug? Was it not letting you connect even though that composite path below was incorrect?

    The bug is semantic. Instead of the yellow text on the connect page saying my path is /home/a3359902/public_html/phpBB, it says my path is /homea3359902public_htmlphpBB.

    However, I strongly suggest that you either make the two input boxes into one, or provide a little bit of descriptive text beside each to help people decide which parts of the file path go into which input box. Basically, I’m saying that even though the system seems to work, I don’t believe it’s as accessible as it should be.

    I also think you should point out somewhere that in order to make blog posts integrate into the forums, every kind of permission needs to be deliberately set– group permissions, forum permissions, roles, access… It took me many hours of work to get posts and comments integrated properly. I suppose one might consider that it goes without saying, but phpBB works right out of the box, and WP-United doesn’t; and I imagine it would confuse a great many users who don’t mess with every permission setting on their board to learn how it works. I bet a lot of users would give up on WP-United for that reason. So if you think it’s worth putting thought into, you might want to put in some documentation about what permissions and roles need to be set/created. It’s just a thought.

    Plugin Author jhong



    Thanks. That’s a bug… It shouldn’t strip th directory separators. To be honest the boxes you are seeing are the fall-back method and won’t be seen by the vast majority, but I take your point.

    For cross-posting you only need to ensure the user is integrated and has posting and cross-posting permissions. I agree this needs documentation… I need help with that.

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