• Just updated to vers. 1.15 and there is no longer integration with Elementor – can this be true? No checkbox in the settings anymore and none of my colors created in Central Color Palette is accessible in Elementor.

    If this is not a mistake – is it possible to downgrade to the previous version?

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  • I noticed this also, might be because of the theme editor in elementor 3.

    Oh yes please, preserve this option for the pre 3.0 versions of Elementor!

    The new E version seems to be a complete mess and I won’t be updating it anytime soon, until they make it behave.

    But meanwhile I want to make the use of the new CSS variable custom names.


    Plugin Author Daniel Menȝies


    Please have a look a version 1.15.1. Elementor 2 should show up as usual.

    Now, Elementor 3: They changed the way colours are managed. So far I have not found a way to safely integrate my plugin with Elementor 3. And on a personal note, I am quite tired of changing my integration every other month just because the guys of Elementor came up with another massive change in regards to colours. I’ll wait a bit so see if they change it yet again, before I put in some more serious work.

    Thread Starter us@us-design.dk


    Thank you so much Daniel 🙂

    And I fully understand the frustration you must have. Your plugin is an integrated part of my workflow, and I hope you you’ll continue to support Elementor.

    Yes, thank you for your tireless work. Love CCP.

    I’m sorry Elementor devs keep changing the recipe. Argh.

    Love your plugin, Daniel, and consider it indispensable! Thank you for making and supporting it.
    I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work with Elementor 3 and that’s a showstopper for me, but I understand that Elementor are a moving target for code updates.
    Please consider changing the name of your plugin to use the proper English spelling of ‘colour.’ Over 1.5 billion people in the world speak English and 67 countries deem it their official language – but only one of those spells it ‘color.’

    Hi @kungtiger

    I also fully understand the frustration you must have! but like others your plugin is the heart of my colors management and now I’m stuck with Elementor 3 🙁

    Beside (and worst) this Elementor 3 also introduce global colors CSS like yours!
    Yours is something like:

    :root {
    --MyBlack: #222222;

    Elementor 3 is:

    .elementor-kit-53 {
    --e-global-color-primary: #6EC1E4;

    It’s become messy…

    Plugin Author Daniel Menȝies


    I had another go at Elementor this morning. No success. They’ve changed the structure of the their plugin in such a way, that I can’t even access the tab for setting those global colours. All I need to do is to remove that tab and overwrite the palette for all other colour pickers. Seems like they store that palette in an CSS file and extract names and colours from it in order to add it to those pickers. Quite an ill design, if I may say so. I can’t even hook into that piece of code that renders those CSS variables. I haven’t even found the piece of code that extracts and passes names and colours to the editor. Those compressed, unreadable JavaScript files do in no way make easier.

    I agree: It’s become messy.

    @ibowden : WordPress uses American English at its core both for programming and visible text, though it’s translatable. I chose the name of this plugin years ago and it’s referenced in blog posts and such like. I won’t change it, it’s a name much like some spell Linda as Lynda, some don’t. I won’t enter upon a discussion what English is proper and what is not. I’ve lived in England some years and personally I prefer British English over other dialects, but I won’t make it my personal quest to … do what exactly? Tell others how to write and speak?

    Anyway, visible text is translatable and I provide translations files for most other English dialects. If you’d like to see your dialect feel free to contribute to its translation. Thank you.

    @kungtiger, I absolutely understand your frustration on Elementor changes and rather peculiar design decisions.

    Maybe this issue could bring some light into a possible solution: https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12244

    On the other hand, Elementor rep’s answer is definitely confirmming your point. They have removed current API and haven’t provided the new one, offering just an unofficial hack without a guarantee. For their new flaship feature. Could this make any sence to anyone?

    Plugin Author Daniel Menȝies


    Nah, that’s too dodgy. As long as the guys from Elementor don’t expose an API I can’t do anything about it.

    I’m sorry guys, but no support for Elementor 3 for now.

    Appreciate your trying to make it work. I actually wrote to support about the topic and got the usual “third party plugin” response but persisted since this is a popular plugin and alerted them this was being discussed on Facebook Groups.

    The support team did suggest posting in their development channel:

    Hope that helps. I did my best to be slightly squeaky on the topic. Personally I would be happy to pay for the plugin.

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