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  • Anyone know what “No input file specified” means, when I load wp-login.php? It just started doing that, all of the sudden, although I can edit post just fine thru their individual links.
    Is it possible to “downgrade” WP from the latest nightly build to something more stable, by following the same steps as to upgrade?

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  • u can surely replace the files
    and hope that there has not been many database changes 🙁

    hmm. I’m trying to re-install from scratch now (deleted and recreated my database – now it has no tables), but as soon as I get to install-config.php?step=2 (which it says is OK, can talk to the database) , and then install.php, it says “It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet” and reloads install.php with the message “No input file specified.” AGAIN!
    I re-uploaded clean PHP files for everything, from the 1.0.2 dist.

    I have this same problem. I have just installed wordpress, set a password, and when I attempt to login I get “No input file specified.” How? Fix? Anyone?

    I guess your servers are based on the Windows/IIS platform.
    You can use the latest build of 1.2 to solve the problem immediately, or wait till 1.2 is released, which supports windows servers in a much better fashion.

    I’m having this issue as well (on a new setup). I’m on a windows ISS server platform where the MySQL host is different from the localhost (I have specified the host name in the wp-config file).
    The Creation did not create the config file, so I edited it manually.
    Running the install results in the “It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet” and then the “No input file specifed” error.
    I’m going to search some more and see if I can’t dig deeper into why this is taking place. I’m a ASP/MS-SQL programmer, so It’ll take me a few weeks to ‘wrap my head’ around PHP/MySQL, so please be patient with me. 🙂

    UPDATE: I used the nightly build ( and I was able to get the database setup. I still get the error: No Input file specified when I launch wp-login.php.

    I believe that this is due to running PHP via CGI as opposed to running PHP as an Apache Module.
    If you run PHP via CGI there are a few ‘drawbacks’:
    Variables in the URL won’t work without using mod_rewrite (
    You can switch to PHP as Apache module, but there are some security implications.
    Good Luck!
    <Joe />

    i am using IIS on Windows 2003, same problem here, cant even create any DB tables at all. Any solution?



    Could this be because WP uses global variables? Our Windows host says this may be the case, but that’s a big security risk on windows and thus they disable them.
    Still trying to figure out when I can get this working. With the latest Mingus release I’m not able to get into the system at all.


    Just re-installed to delete my database, got the error you’re describing.
    Solved it by removing unnessecary data in the .htaccess file. In this case, it was rewrite information used by my previous wordpress installation.


    I, too am having the same problem – where is the .htacess file?

    I had the same problem related to “virtual hosts” with apache. The solution for my problem was to remove the parameter doc_root in php.ini.
    I hope that helps.

    I have the problem with my Apache server. I had never recieved that error before and then all of a sudden, it just screwed everything up. I couldn’t find doc_root in my php.ini file either.

    Same problem here but it got fixed by removing the doc_root in php.ini. I´ve had this problem before but couldn´t remember how I got rid of it.
    Anonymus (Aug 12, 2004 19:09:13): if you can´t find that line in your php.ini there is something wrong with it or you have removed it at some point. It´s there by default, quite far down. If it really isn´t there then there should be no problem for you since to fix the problem you just have to either comment it out or set it to nothing.
    This problem arises, of course, because if a doc_root is set in php.ini then php only interprets phpfiles that are located in or below this directory. So if you are using virtual directories (with whatever web server) that have a real path to somewhere else on your drive(s), the file will not be interpreted.
    Thanks a million Bernard!

    I’m trying to install WP on a Windows 2003 machine and also get the “input file not specified” message. I get it a little earlier — when I try to run install.php. I have no php.ini file that I can find. That sounds like a Linux solution. Please, any help?

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