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  • donnasdream


    Hi guys,
    i know this has been covered but i cannot find a solution specific to my website.
    The last couple of days i have noticed “No input file specified” on the top left corner of my homepage. Its not causing any issues and all the pages work i just cant seem to shift it.

    Ive disabled all the new plugins i have used over the last week and still it remains.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing it? my website is and has been running without problem for nearly 6 months.

    many thanks
    Az Mansell
    Donnas Dream

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  • thebitworks


    The error has to do with wrapping PHP so it runs under your own userid, rather than user nobody or user apache. I set this up on a site just a few minutes ago and I am having the same issue. I can of course take that out, but it means that when I update plugins and such they update as user nobody which basically insures that I have to do all of the updates manually.

    I would contact your hosting company and see if they can fix it. I suspect that they will not be able to. In that case you might have to find a hosting company that allows you to run PHP scripts such as those in wordpress without a wrapper. It also means that you will have to chmod your files so they can not be overwritten and get rid of all of the default templates and such to increase security.



    I’m having this same issue on my home page. I can get in to all of my files hosted. My question is, what specifically do I need to edit to fix this issue.

    Thanks much


    Hi there,
    i managed to fix this by switching off any new plugins then switching them on one by one. i think it was one of the post to facebook/ twitter ones that caused the issue but not sure exactly which one as i got bored and annoyed ha ha.

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