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  • I think it is because of the index.html that you have on the same folder.

    I believe what happens is, all those query string(such as p=9,cat=1 etc) are now sent to the index.html, which has no clue about a query string.

    the best thing to do will be to have the blog in a separate folder in itself, something like yourdomain.com/blog/
    in that way, you can redirect to the blog from the main index.html and everything will work.

    thanks this seems to have fixed it in an odd sort of way

    I’m having this same problem and all that happens is that it just reloads the index.php. Any other ideas?

    Well, I managed to get back to using permalinks, which, as I understand require the htaccess file to be written to when pages are created. If I understand correctly, if I can avoid using the “nice” permalink structure, I won’t need to worry about the htaccess file being writable when I create pages. See, for some reason WP says my htaccess file is not writeable (writable?) despite the fact that I’ve CHMODed it to both 666 and 777 at different times.

    I’m having the same problem as the first post in this thread. I do not have a index.htm in the same folder. I think maybe it has to do with apache? I go to http://localhost/wordpress and I get a directory listing. I have to add the index.php manually.

    Then ever link I follow gives me a directory listing and I have to add the index.php before the ? in each url.

    Any thoughts?


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    Do you have an index.php file in the /wordpress/ directory? If you don’t, download WordPress again and upload the index.php file. If you do, then you need to configure your server to allow index.php as an acceptable index file.

    It is there, big as life. And work fine, too, as long as I type it in the address.

    Mark (podz)


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    As macmanx says, your host needs to make a change to their files to allow an “index.php” to be recognised.
    You could also add this line to the domain .htaccess file
    DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.php

    Worked like a charm. Thanks.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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