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  • Hi,

    on my page the subcategories are not shown with indentation (see screenshot here).

    In this screenshot from the category-page(WP-backend) , the category hierarchy is shown.

    Is there somewhere an option in the widget I missed out?
    (“Levels in the hierarchy to show” is set on “2”)

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  • Good question… I’d like to know to. I notice child categories and parent categories are lumped together, but there’s no indentation. It woud be nice if there was, like the treelike identention when the titles of pafes are displayed in a widget or menu.

    I have a similar problem into the backend. Here you are the complete description. NOBODY HAD SOME IDEA ABOUT HOW TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE?

    Hello, I am experiencing a problem with CATEGORIES INDENTATION.
    I created a precise list of categories and subcategories under POSTS > CATEGORIES because I need to classify with precision two types of posts (and a related list of categories that hve the same name).
    So under the POST TYPE ONE (categorized by a category called ARTICOLI) I have a lis of subcategories of second and third level that have the same name BUT NOT THE SAME SLUG. The same inside the category that categorizes the POST TYPE TWO (PERLE).
    In the category list under the menu POST > CATEGORIES, everything works fine and I can see my categories correctly nested as you can see into IMAGE 01.
    But the problem comes up when I enter into a post (or I write a new one) and INSIDE THE POST I want to choose the correct categories.
    A part of the categories is shown correctly nested, but another part (that is nested in POSTS > CATEGORIES) are shown WITHOUT INDENTATION. So it’s very difficult to understand wich one is under wich another one.
    I am using a child theme created from Divi but I did not touched anything in the back end.
    Can you help me?
    In particular I have two ramificatoins of categories.
    I have two main categories (first level) called PERLE and ARTICOLI. And under PERLE I have a ramification of 5 sub categories (second level) and under every second level I have a variable number of sub-sub categories (third level).

    The first time that this problem occurred to me, I deleted all the categories and re-created from scratch. The problem was about the first level category ARTICOLI. After that I opened the POSTS and selected the correct category. Now the problem occurs with the other first level category (PERLE).
    Sub categories have in the big part THE SAME NAME (but the slug is different).

    Can you help me understand why I have this problem and HOW TO FIX IT?

    All the best,

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