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  • Using Desktop Mess 1.2 theme,

    WordPress 2.6.2

    Nothing indents as normal with vanilla html (blockquotes, ul, li, etc) in the main text area of posts.

    Anyone know an easy fix?


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  • Look in the css for the presence of .post ul and li descriptions. If they are there, try adjusting the margins.

    (The ul and li descriptions need to refer to the post area, regardless of whether or not they are actually labeled “.post”).

    [Edit] Actually, If you are referring to the “Desk mess” theme, I just took a look at the .css, and the “.post ul” description is missing the period in front of the class name. Add the period and the ul margin should be 35px by default. If I have the wrong theme… nevermind.


    The theme is “Desk Mess” and I am having the same issue with no indenting of ul lists. Clayton is correct that the dot is missing at the beginning of the “post ul” tag. However, after adding the dot there and updating the stylesheet, nothing changed. I have checked in both Firefox 2.0 and Safari with no luck.

    Currently, the stylesheet looks like this:

    .post {

    .post p {
    padding:0 0 10px;

    .post ul {

    Any other ideas? I spent a lot of time customizing this theme so I’d hate to give up on it just because of the ul issue. Thanks!

    Would you be able to post your url? It might give us a better idea what’s wrong.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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