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    Hi, I just created the FREE app but when checking the website from an Android device, I see no thumbnails or latest post image, there is one featured image for each post (120×98 so cannot be displayed) in the desktop version but another same image inside the post (480×390) but this is not shown on main page and search page on the mobile version.
    I have tried to set as a featured image a bigger one, but no result.

    When I open a single post instead, the image is shown resized but out of screen on the right side while the text and youtube video preview look aligned but this last is squeezed and does not respect the original ratio and when the movie is played, there is no way to stop/pause it)

    Another issue, the blog title is cut, no matter the space is more than enough to display the whole text

    My blog address is:


    Please have a check, thanks


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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