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  • Plugin Author cpres


    A) Are you seeing any javascript errors?
    B) Did you follow the steps listed for troubleshooting? (Manual, and FAQ)
    C) Did you check to see if any of the photos are visible to the world? They may have had an uploading issue, when the satellite logo appears it’s doing so as a placeholder since your image isn’t able to be displayed.

    Uploading issues are generally permissions related. Please check that for both the /uploads/ folder and /uploads/slideshow-satellite folder

    Hi cpres,

    Just installed your plugin. I have the same problem as laurent66. When I create gallery I can upload pictures and save the gallery. However when I click on the gallery again to edit it, it seems like no pictures were added (even no placeholder image is shown). When I insert the shortcode into a page only placeholder images are displayed.

    I haven’t found anything that tackle this issue in FAQ or manual. No jacascript errors are shown. Also no images are shown in /uploads/slideshow-satellite folder.

    WP version 3.7.1; Slideshow Satellite version 2.1.3

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    One more thing, when I add the pics individually as slides, all works fine. But can’t do it in gallery itself.

    Plugin Author cpres


    ah ha! I’ve seen this issue before. It’s a permissions issue.

    Make sure your uploads folder is at 755. The bulk uploader uses this as a staging upload area before doing all the resizing etc…

    Let me know if that fixes it!

    I have managed to find a way around it. If you create the gallery and then include no images at first.. then you save the gallery.

    Step 1: Create the gallery and include no images initially
    Step 2: Save the gallery
    Step 3: Go back into the gallery, and add 1 image at a time

    This way it does work and you get the images to display instead of the helicopter thing.

    Its a bit painful to put all the images in, but its a solution for now.

    And as i finish typing this I see Vereart basically just said the same thing haha

    Plugin Author cpres


    have you tried updating your permissions on the uploads directory? That is a much more beneficial fix if that works since you can then bulk upload

    Where is that exactly? Can’t find it??

    Okay I have one more problem. The gallery works on my website, but if I click on an image (To enlarge it) Then the image doesn’t enlarge, the screen changes to a loading box and nothing happens further.

    ah for ***s sake. this plugin really is useless. now my images on my website are not showing, only the helicopter image instead.

    Plugin Author cpres


    What did you do to make the images disappear? In your FTP client you might be able to update your permissions in the upload folder to allow for images to be uploadeds to /wp-content/uploads

    Also, what image overlay solution are you using? Thickbox? Lightbox? it sounds like you might be having an issue outside of Satellite.

    I’m uploading the images via the admin side on wordpress.

    I’m using the thickbox but tried using the lightbox and still have the same issue.. Two out of the 8 galleries work though.

    And I just changed the permissions thing in the FTP and still no difference 🙁

    Plugin Author cpres


    Laurent, after changing permissions you’d have to try and reupload, as the first time things got screwed up. Delete out all the bad images and try and reupload.

    If you link to the image directly and it’s broken you should just delete, fix permissions and try again. I would need a link to your site to help with that

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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