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  • jhp1


    Hello All,

    The tentative new site has been migrated from Server 2008R2 to Fedora 17. The site is presently running as http://localhost/cms. All functions are working except that none of the images from the original site appear at all. I’ve already run the [UPDATE wp_posts SET guid=replace(guid,’originalsite’,’newsite’) and the UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content=replace(post_content,’oldsite’,’newsite’) queries. I understand these were for permalinks and content links.
    I believe the problem has to do with the change of PATHs from Windows D:\wamp\www\cms … to Linux /var/www/html/cms. But I do NOT know where I can find and change this path.
    I have an application that will do a proper search and replace on the serialized data in the dbase. I just need to know the specific location of the path information in the database.
    Please help.



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