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  • Hello,

    Just got off an SEO course and they recommended trying WordPress as its free and has better layout options than my current website. I’ve downloaded the file but no idea what to do now! It’s been upzipped but there’s no setup options etc, can’t make sense of any of it!

    Please help!


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  • WordPress isn’t an executable you run from your desktop. It’s a web application that needs to be installed in a server environment.

    Where to get started: Documentation

    Hi I am also new to wp but have learned the basics and done a great web site by installing the Bitnami wp stack on my computer. I read up on installing wp on my web server. I found that my host had a one click installed ok in the www root directory. The wp version they had for the one click install was 2.6. I tried to upgrade it by clicking the “upgrade now” on the banner but no joy as the zip folder downloads on my computer and when I click on the install.php it, I think tries to install it locally and cant find php etc etc. Clearly if wp 2.6 installs ok on the host server via the one click install, my host must have the min requirements for wp. I tried to find where it is installed on the host server to upgrade manually via ftp but cant see it anywhere. Cant I just drag the Bitnami stack to the www root directory via ftp?

    Please help as this is very frustrating. It is like giving a kettle to a monkey to make tea. He will eventually get there but I am in pouring hot water all over myself stage. Please help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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