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  • Hello,

    I’m very new to this and i found this error : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘(‘ in /home/glk616/public_html/ on line 5

    And i cant do anything because the file is not install in my computer !

    Could anyone help me ????

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  • that is an essential file for your theme.
    Just upload the files again being sure they all upload properly.

    If you get this error, it’s obvious that the file “functions.php” is indeed on your theme directory… How can php could find an error in a file that is not on the server ???

    Are you using this theme ?

    If yes, just download a fresh copy and replace function.php that you will find in the theme directory (wp-content/themes/feel-reel/function.php”.


    but the problem is i cant login or change any files as it was provide by the hyperwebenable and i dont know the ftp code/pass etc …

    *i don’t know where to file loaction as in i’m sure its not in my computer !


    So, well… Ask your host how you can access your site via http://Ftp... Or any file manager…

    And try something :

    Can you browse to : /wp-admin -> Apperance -> Editor

    If you can do so, look in the right-hand column, you have there a list the files in your theme directory…

    Look at : Theme Functions (functions.php)

    What do you have at line 5 ?


    Oh i was adding that code to remove the meta but after i did, the error came up and i cant press on anything 🙁

    i thought i was almost done with the tools at the side, just to remove Meta should be easy … >_<” but in the end so hard … one code ruin everything…

    Status:	Starting upload of C:\Users\Axioo\Downloads\functions.php
    Command:	CWD /wp-content/themes/film-reel
    Response:	250 OK. Current directory is /wp-content/themes/film-reel
    Command:	TYPE A
    Response:	200 TYPE is now ASCII
    Command:	PORT 116,88,17,16,194,243
    Response:	200 PORT command successful
    Command:	STOR functions.php
    Response:	553 Rename/move failure: Permission denied
    Error:	Critical error

    Right now I have download and change the code, when i try to upload and overwrite it dont let me and now i have no idea how to upload the file, i cant even view the file code.


    or can anyone tell me how to change into another new themes ?

    Just ask your host.

    If you don’t have any permission to overwrite or modify “functions.php”, nobody here will be able help you.


    Please i need some reply from you guys !!! Help me ! pls !!!!

    Oh so now the problem is that i don’t have the permission to overwrite or modify ???

    WTF my hoster doing… i didnt know what to request, can you tell me what other things i need to request in one shot ??? its very tired to request one by one, day by day as we are in different time zone… i’m getting very tired of this… either i will never use WP anymore or that hoster anymore… (mostly will be WP because it needed so many stupid things even an admin can set so many stage to let these user not to access these files/folder…)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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