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  • I’ve setup two WordPress blogs for two friends now, and both use the upload feature to put images on their sites. In both cases, they try to create thumbnails in the upload tool. The thumbnail is correctly generated and stored in the wp-content directory, but no HTML (and no filename) is shown to the user, making it difficult for them to use thumbnails. Is there some option I’m missing? Thanks!

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  • Which version of WordPress are you using?

    Do you ahve the upload folder set to the correct CHMOD properties?

    You just add prefix the filename with “thumb-” when you reference it.

    so, image.jpg will become thumb-image.jpg

    Yeah, I personally know how to create the thumbnail. I was wondering why WordPress doesn’t automatically create the HTML to represent the thumb. If it’s just not a feature that’s present, that’s OK; it just struck me as strange that it wouldn’t create the snippet of code (like it does for the regular IMG tag).

    I submitted a comment to the wp-hackers mailing list about this.
    this is the response that photomatt gave..

    “I don’t think it would hurt to rip out the Upload tab and make uploading something that’s done inline with posting (where it makes sense).”

    I believe they will be moving it completely if my understanding it is correct. We will see what happens in the future releases.

    If you really want a good interface for managing your images in WP, I suggest IImage browser plugin at

    jdingman: Thanks for that!

    Ajay: The image browser is nice, but one of the users is Japanese and I don’t think that plugin is localized to that language.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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