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  • OK, this has to be a dumb question… but sorry, searches for possible answers turned up hundreds of non answers. This is too simple… I’m missing something.

    Where are the HTML controls for new posts in 1.5? I tested 1.2 for a friend, and installed 1.5 for her, and she knows no code…. do I have to teach her HTML? 1.2 had simple HTML buttons when you made new posts.

    Surely, I have missed something. This can’t be.


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  • When, when posting? if so, they’re there. check to make sure quicktags.js is in the wp-admin folder if they arent showing up.

    Write -> Write Post -> Click on Advanced Editing

    or …

    Options -> Writing -> When starting a post, show: -> Select Advanced controls

    Thanks for the repllies….

    I am on a Mac, and was using Safari. I went and tried the interface using FireFox and IE and found they were there in IE but didn’t work right at times, and FireFox (so far) seems fine.

    So I guess it’s a thing having to do with my Mac Browsers not being able to handle the javascript. No biggie for me… I know the code, and I can use FireFox. The friend I set this up for is on Windows so probably no problem there. I’ll know later tonight.


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    If she is using Safari, they won’t show. The solution is to either use Firefox, or apply this hack:

    … on a mac … I just love it when you get to know the most important bit last … 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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