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  • I can’t get a single HIGHSLIDE JS plugin to work on my blog. I’ve probably tried 7 or 8 now, nothing works. All the plugins say “simply upload and activate and Highslide will automatically be inserted into your posts!”

    No such luck. I’ve tried Highslide JS, Highslide4WP, Highslide4WP Reloaded, Add Highslide, Highslide Integration, and a bunch more I can’t remember.

    They all claim to integrate into existing posts, but just to check I went back to old posts, deleted the images, and re-added them. Nothing changed.

    Most of the plugins do absolutely nothing detectable. One of them added some weird grey smooshed box behind and toward the bottom of each image, but that’s it.

    Tried them all in different web browsers, didn’t make a difference.

    The other plugins I’m using on the site are: Exec-PHP, Proportional Image Scaling, Sociable, and WP-reCAPTCHA. I guess it could be conflicting with one of these, but it doesn’t matter because these are all essential to my site and I’m not deactivating any of them.

    So why won’t Highslide work? Does anyone know of a simple Highslide plugin that actually does what it’s supposed to do?

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  • Same here. I got it to work once, changed one little thing like a color, and it stopped.
    Now all the plugins make the image disappear upon clicking.
    Using none of the plugins earthtojenny is using except Next Gen Gallery.

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