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    From all the reviews a person with above novice wordpress skills should be able to use this plugin. However, there is NO HELP on how to fill out the sections, what they mean (in real terms), and how to set up the backup options – for example to Google storage (called Google Drive). After hours of online research and reading it is impossible to get a clear instruction. Why could someone not just simply type how to input the required information??? I appreciate that it is a free plugin, but all I could think when reviewing the developer’s website (by the link provided in the plugin description) was . . . no way would I recommend that company for anything since this simple plugin is so difficult as an end user.

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  • …just to note: “Google Storage” is ANOTHER service as “Google Drive”! Currently BackWPup doesn’t support Google Drive and also it’s nowhere written that it does!

    Check out the plugin’s forum for support for your issues:




    Thank you for clarifying the difference between Google CLOUD Storage (only free for one project for a limited storage and a paid service starting June 2013) and the Google Drive storage (free service with added functions) both allow for storage online. It was confusing and it is too bad there is no help for filling out this section of BackWPup that would have clarified the difference or instructed clearly how to use the Google Storage.

    However, there is a post on the BackWPup forum where someone asks if Google Drive is supported and Daniel Huesken answers “GDrive is on the list ;)” that many would presume it was on the list of backup services supported (google storage) instead of “not supported but being considered”. I guess just another example of not clear communication.

    But my criticism of no help / instructions for filling in the sections . . . true (and your reference to the general forum does not help since searching shows lots of problems with the plugin but no step-by-step of how to fill out the plugin for new persons – and the only relevant response to problems was “it works for me”).

    No need to insult me with a reply (use of multiple !) I’ve chosen a different backup method since there are many (some with good instructions).

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