• Been having view count discrepancies for several months now. Of course, there’s no way to get help aside from searching the support from the community. So many people having the same issue, and there are no answers that lead to success. So much potential here, but I can’t get anyone to help me resolve this discrepancy. Boo. 👎👎

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  • Hi,

    First thing first, thank you for the feedback, and I totally agree, the one star is well deserved, for not replying here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/view-count-inaccurate/.

    Short story: I used to give answers on that question, but I gave up, because usually it leads to an endless discussion, arguing on technologies. In my opinion, your question is rather about the technology behind Google Analytics than a question related to the plugin itself.

    Anyway, there’s a short answer, which you’ll probably find on each paperwork about Web Analytics. It’s all about the technology used, while Google Analytics will exclude most of the bots, spiders, crawlers (not humans), most probably your post counts will not.

    As a developer, saying that an analytics tool is wrong and the other is right will be a stupid move. It’s all about your key performance indicators, how you establish them, and the final goal (for details check the link above).

    Now, rather than wasting time on comparing discrepancy between web analytics technologies (it’s like wondering why a lemon is yellow and a strawberry is red since they are both fruits), you should choose one that will help you out set the key performance indicators, establish some goals you would like to achieve, and follow your goals based on those indicators.

    If your goal is to achieve as much post counts as possible, no matter if those are humans or not, I would suggest you uninstalling the plugin, since your KPI (key performance indicator) is clear, and a plugin like this won’t provide any useful data. On the other hand, if your looking for more accurate data about real users (humans) I would suggest you to give up on those post counts and focus on what’s really important to you, your KPI.

    Regarding the

    Boo. 👎👎

    part, I have one thing to say: emoticons are the coolest thing ever!

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