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  • Hi ,
    I want to remove header from website and instead want a static image in place of slider with menu on image. So that my front page will start from top with image. Thanks

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  • Have you tried looking up the theme options – maybe you can switch it off? Have you tried setting it to display:none with help of CSS?

    No, I don’t know how to do it. I am not a techie .

    Customizing a theme involves at least a little knowledge of ‘technics’ – that being CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and maybe even Child Themes.

    (A Child Theme ensures your customizations don’t get thrown out when a theme gets updated by the author).

    I suggest you try to look for Theme Options in the theme itself, and when it is not possible there, that you look for a different theme then.

    You need to set up a Slider, but only use a single image.

    See video to setup Slider.

    To remove Previous/Next arrows, use this Snippet

    There’s no need to setup a slider. However, you do need a child theme. Rather than sending you to learn how to create one, since you’re “not a techie”, I’ll just tell you what to do, step by step.
    1. Create a new folder in your /wp-content/themes called customizr-child
    2. Open a notepad, paste this code in it:

     Theme Name:     Customizr Child
     Theme URI:
     Description:    My description
     Author:         Me
     Author URI:
     Template:       customizr
     Version:        1.0.0

    and save it as style.css in that folder. Make sure that encoding is not Ascii, but UTF8 (it’s in the save panel options, somewhere lower). Also, make sure the file is called style.css, not style.css.txt!
    3. Open another notepad and paste this code in it:

    add_filter('tc_navbar_display', 'prevent_output_of_this');
    add_filter('tc_logo_title_display', 'hide_output_of_this');
    add_filter('tc_slider_display', 'this_is_my_image');
    function prevent_output_of_this($output) {
    return $output;
    function this_is_my_image($output) {
    return 'Replace me with your image!';

    4. Replace “Replace me with your image!” with the actual html for displaying your image (<img src=”path_to_your_image” />)
    5. Save this second notepad as functions.php, also in the customizr-child folder. Upload the new folder, with both files in it, onto your server, in the /wp-content/themes folder, where your customizr folder is.
    6. Go to themes in WP admin and activate Customizr Child.

    That’s about it.

    Thanks! I have already created child theme. Now I don’t want header.Infect I would like to have static image with menu on that. I want to get rid of that space where the title ,tagline and menu are located which is just above the slider.

    Ok, I just realized I made a mistake above, forgot to put <?php at start of functions.php.

    If you have a child theme, just add the code from step 3 inside your functions.php, at the very end. If your functions.php ends in “?>”, delete that.
    If you need more specific instructions, provide a link to your website and also to the image you want displayed as header.

    Thanks Acub. Would like to create my header like this with embedded video if possible.

    If that’s how you want your website to look, why did you install Customizr in the first place?

    @acub: I like Customizr a lot and it’s best theme I have ever seen but want to create header like skechin if possible.

    @acub: Is it possible to remove header area which is just above slider without touching slider?

    add_filter('tc_navbar_display', 'prevent_output_of_this');
    add_filter('tc_logo_title_display', 'prevent_output_of_this');
    add_filter('tc_tagline_display', 'prevent_output_of_this');
    function prevent_output_of_this($output) {

    @acub: where to put this code? I tried in custom css but no effect.

    @acub: thanks. Did it by putting that code in function.php but still there is white space above slider.How to get rid of that space.

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